Developer Diaries: Amasty

July 2, 2018

Developer Diaries: Amasty

Welcome to the Magento Developer Diaries Series, where we highlight the incredible innovations in the Magento Marketplace and the people who make them a reality.

Want to increase customer loyalty and drive sales? Try offering free gifts!  We interviewed Andrei Vashkevich, CEO of Amasty, to tell us about one of their most popular extensions, Free Gift, and their future plans.

Magento: How Long Have You Been Working On Extensions For The Magento Marketplace?

Andrei: Amasty Ltd. started doing business in 2009.  At that time, we came to the Magento Marketplace with our first extension for Magento 1. The extension became a sellout hit and received more than 200 reviews. After nine years of development, we now offer about 220+ extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 Open Source and Commerce versions. And we promise there are more to come.

Magento: Tell Us About The Free Gift Extension And What It Offers. What Problem Does It Solve For Customers?

Andrei: Who doesn’t love presents? The functionality of the extension helps establish an emotional connection between a client and a merchant, which contributes to stable long-term relations. As for problems-solved, our extension provides many options to run diverse promotional campaigns, which result in higher sales rates and client retention. The features, in general, help to develop stronger customer loyalty.

Magento: What Are Some Of The Key Features?

Andrei: The main feature of the extension is that it allows merchants to automatically add free gifts to carts. It’s extremely easy to configure and you’ll see that it can improve customer loyalty. Free Gift offers complete personalization of your promotional campaigns. Thus, merchants can easily configure any type of promotion based on individual customer preferences.

Magento: How Did You Come Up With The Idea For This Extension?

Andrei: We always take a tailor-made approach with a focus on our clients. In the dawn of Magento 2, we received many inquiries from our customers. At that moment, we thought our clients needed a simple tool to cover their basic needs, like how to manage gift-giving, how to raise customer loyalty, and how to stimulate sales and returns.

Magento: Can You Give Us A High-Level Overview Of The Success Your Extension Has Seen?

Andrei: The Free Gift extension is widely used by Magento Commerce and Open Source users, but it’s most popular with merchants running the Magento Commerce. This product is used by many leading brands including Сanon, Swarovski, Nestle, and Munchkin.

Magento: What Advice Do You Have For Others Who Want To Innovate In Commerce?

Andrei: Feel the pulse of the world commerce market by monitoring trends. Learn about the latest demands on the part of developers and merchants, to understand the opportunities that offer the greatest potential. Avoid concentrating your attention on the products you sell, but rather, on the customer needs that your goods address. These days it’s not enough just to deliver a product, even if it’s a quality one.

Magento: What Are The Main Business Benefits Of Promoting Your Extensions On Magento Marketplace?

Andrei: The Magento Marketplace is a great platform! It's a place where retailers are now able to choose among thousands of extensions. The largest gains we’ve seen are definitely in improved brand awareness as well as healthy competition, which fuels us to innovate. As we evaluate the extensions market, we can make smarter decisions and find new growth opportunities faster. We’ve learned that customers have greater trust in extensions offered in the Magento Marketplace. This is the place where you can listen to your clients and receive honest feedback about your products. Another benefit is all extensions available on Magento Marketplace are tested and approved by the Magento team, improving the quality of extensions in general, which helps us all.

Magento: What Is The Most Exciting Problem In Commerce You Are Solving, Or Want To Help Solve?

Andrei: Our primary goal is to influence consumers during the shopping process rather than to impose rigid rules. To this end, we help merchants develop highly-personalized offers, incorporate game elements into the shopping process, and do everything possible to bring customers joy. We provide helpful user guides, instructions, extra info about Magento, additional services and, of course, excellent technical support. Apart from the common challenges typical of any business, smaller retailers struggle to provide their customers with basic eCommerce features and control their business expenses. That’s why a ready-made extension that covers all the possible features is what we strive to offer. When it comes to larger stores, our extensions are a good platform for additional tweaking they may need. Either way, we are attentive to what our clients say and everything we do is based on their feedback.

Magento: What’s Next? Any Big Projects On The Horizon?

Andrei:  As things stand today, our plan is to take the lead in each extension niche area. Our previous goal was to have the most extensive product range among Magento vendors— which we accomplished. Our constant objective is to continually improve the functionality and quality of the products and services we offer. We work hard to make sure we have the all-purpose specific extensions to cover the needs of any store within any industry or area of eCommerce.