Developer Diaries: MexBS

August 16, 2018

Developer Diaries: MexBS | Magento Blog

Welcome to our Developer Diaries Series, where we highlight the incredible innovations in the Magento Marketplace and the people who make them a reality.

Integral to retail business, promotions, and coupons can make customers feel like they’re valued and entice them to purchase. We interviewed Sveta Oksen at MexBS to learn more about their popular Marketplace extensions and how retailers can easily extend special offers.

Sveta Oksen MexBS Developer Diaries | Magento Blog Tell us about a few of your marketplace extensions?

MexBS: Currently, we have ten extensions that are live on the Magento Marketplace.  Our two best-selling extensions are Additional Promotions and Tiered Coupons.

Additional Promotions adds a variety of new promotion types to the Magento cart rules, BOGO, Each N, Bundled Discounts, Cheapest in Cart and more. It also allows for creating personalized promotions. That is, promotions that are based on customers’ characteristics like age, location, sales history, and more.

Tiered Coupons implements a simple, but very powerful concept. It allows you to combine multiple coupons to one coupon code. This increases the variety of the promotions that the merchants can create in their Magento stores.

The eCommerce market is highly competitive. Therefore, one of the greatest goals for online merchants is to build existing customer loyalty, while attracting new customers to their stores. We believe that creating cutting edge, exciting and personalized promotions continually, can help online merchants achieve these goals.

How did you first come up with the idea for these extensions?

MexBS: The idea came up when we first tried to create a 1+2 promotion (Buy One, Get 2) in our own extension store. Even though the variety of native Magento promotions is quite large, it didn’t cover this specific functionality. Therefore, we created a custom module to implement this type of promotion. Soon after, we decided that other Magento merchants might want to be able to create similar promotions and more. This is how the Additional Promotions extension came to life.

The story of Tiered Coupons is very similar. We wanted to create a coupon that applies different discounts based on different conditions. We implemented this functionality in our store and turned it into the Tiered Coupons extension for other merchants to benefit from.

Tell us about your market impact?

MexBS: Although we are quite new in the Magento extensions market, we’ve already sold more than one thousand copies of our extensions. Recently, an Argentinian eCommerce solutions agency IDS Solutions purchased our Additional Promotions extension for Paruolo, one of the most popular shoe brands in Argentina.

What advice do you have for others who want to innovate in commerce?

MexBS: Never discard any ideas that you hear from people, or that come to your mind. This is what we tell our developers every day, and this is what keeps us so busy. We currently have a list of more than twenty extensions in our to-do list.

What is the greatest challenge in commerce you hope to solve?

MexBS: Similarly to other companies in the software industry, our success is based on the success of our customers—Magento merchants. Therefore, our greatest challenge is to develop extensions that will help Magento merchants drive more sales and grow their businesses.

What are the main benefits of promoting your extensions on Magento Marketplace?

MexBS: Even though we are new in the market, we can say for sure that the Magento Marketplace is a great place to build trust with your customers. Merchants are often suspicious of new extension providers. By ensuring the quality of the extensions code and offering a money back policy, Magento Marketplace provides confidence to merchants and mitigates their worries of possible fraud or poor-quality extensions.

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