Featured Extensions from Magento Marketplace

February 13, 2018

Featured Extensions from Magento Marketplace | Magento Blog

Payments are where the “rubber meets the road” in eCommerce. It’s the culmination of everything you do in your online store. Making the payment process secure is critical and the experience overall must be on brand and leave the customer with a positive feeling about their most recent purchase. Check out the extensions below and see how they can help make your customer payment experience even better.

Braintree Payments by Gene Commerce Ltd.

The Official Braintree extension for Magento 2.2, built in collaboration with PayPal, Magento and Gene Commerce, is now available for free on Magento Marketplace. This extension, updates and extends the core Braintree functionality that comes shipped with Magento 2, and provides additional features such as Apple Pay and PayPal Credit.

Two-Factor Authentication by Xtento

Protect your Magento backend against unauthorized logins and fraudsters! This extension provides additional security via a security code that is required when logging into the Magento backend. The security code is generated by your smartphone, is single-use and valid for 30 seconds.

Subscriptions and Recurring Payment by Magenest

Magenest’s Subscription and Recurring Payments for Magento 2 allows customers to subscribe to products. They can automatically reorder the products between each interval, and cost is automatically deduced from their account.

Enhanced Quick Cart by WeltPixel

This extension with its modern responsive design provides cart summary review at-a-glance, without leaving the shopping page. The checkout steps are reduced to a minimum, and conversion rates are improved as the user goes directly to checkout without the need to visit the cart page.

TaxJar by TaxJar

TaxJar, a Magento Premier Partner, will save you hours by automating sales tax calculation, reporting, and filing for your store. Magento customers can enjoy free TaxJar Sales Tax Calculations through our SmartCalcs Sales Tax API. Install in minutes and TaxJar will automatically configure your tax settings within Magento.

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