How to Build an Awesome Extension Product Details Page

April 27, 2017

How to Build an Awesome Extension Product Details Page

As an extension developer, it’s critical to get right the marketing content on your extension product detail page. You may only have one chance to impress Merchants and Solution Partners, so you have to make it count.

So how do you market your extension successfully, and increase your ROI?

Be clear and include demo links in the long description

Merchants and Solution Partners want to fully understand what your product does, and why it’s unique from similar extensions. Begin with a detailed opening paragraph that describes the product. Next, provide a thorough list of features with bullet points. Our customers tell us that demos are useful, so include them if available. You should also include the following sections in your overview.

Example 1: Fooman does a great job by outlining the business value, feature highlights, and including a demo for their extension

Provide clear pricing information

Many extensions are free on Magento Marketplace, but require an account with the service provider that costs money. Be clear about whether your extension is free, or if there are additional costs. If your extension is free but requires any additional account/fees/payments, you must include this info in the opening paragraph of the long description with bold formatting. Be transparent and include a link to your detailed pricing info or quote request form.

Example 2: Fastly clearly calls out the additional payments required to use their free extension in their product overview and links to their pricing page

If you would like to charge a one-time payment for your extension, make sure you set a price between $25 and $999,999.

Add captions to your screenshots

Screenshots showing how your products work are good, but remember to add detailed captions. We require at least two screenshots. The more context you can share with the customer, the more likely they will convert.

Example 3: Aheadworks adds captions to their screenshots, making it easier to understand the features of their extension

Make a statement with your extension icon

First impressions mean a lot. Your extension icon represents your extension on the search results page, so make it count. We’ve found that cluttered icons with a lot of text and graphics don’t perform well in Marketplace. Keep your icon bold, but simple, and perhaps include your extension title.

Example 4: Nosto, PCA Predict, and Aheadworks clearly represents the extension without the use of excess text or images

Keep your release notes up to date

Ensure your customers can find the latest updates and version compatibility info in your release notes.

Example 5: Classy Llama ensures that customers can find out what’s been added to their latest versions/updates