Introducing the Xcelerate Technology Partner Program

July 26, 2016

By: Mark Lenhard,
Author Title: 
SVP Strategy and Growth
, Magento Commerce

Magento has a rich history of technology partner relationships. Our partner and developer community is continually expanding and releasing new products and extensions. These innovations give companies leading-edge capabilities to build or enhance their Magento commerce platforms.

Today, Magento is excited to announce the new Xcelerate Technology Partner Program. It will empower our technology partners to better serve our merchants, and ultimately, deliver rapid growth. The cornerstone of this new program is our Marketplace and new and new Extension Quality Program, ensuring our technology partners and their extensions are vetted, compatible with Magento’s current software, and readily available to merchants.

This is an exciting time to be a merchant!

What you need to know about our new program:

Our Technology Partner Program is evolving

By re-aligning and refining our partner program we will serve our merchants better. The result will make sharing ideas easier, increase opportunities, and drive success.

Xcelerate will improve the merchant experience

Merchants can now choose from curated and vetted technologies. We believe this will increase merchant security, confidence, and commerce capabilities. It will also make implementation easier, with greater choice and flexibility.

We reconfigured our technology partnerships

Xcelerate  is not just a fancy new name for the Magento Technology Partner Program. The program now boasts new 'degrees’ of technology partner involvement.

These include:

  • Registered Partners – Marketplace partner extensions vetted for quality, for merchant confidence and security.

  • Select Partners – top-tier partner technologies within strategic categories, for merchant flexibility and growth.

  • Premier Partners – best-in-breed partner technology, deeply integrated with Magento for merchant ease of implementation and choice. Magento Premier Partners are by invitation only. They are chosen for their top quality technology and active participation in the Magento Community and the broader ecosystem.

Our success now aligns with yours

To increase our substantial investment in our new program, particularly in Marketplace and the Extension Quality Program, Magento has established revenue sharing. Together, we will create best-in-class merchant experiences and share innovation from the ecosystem, faster and further!  

Existing Partner contracts will be honored

Current contracts will be honored. Partners can wait until their renewal or upgrade immediately. Magento will help businesses determine the partnership ‘degree’ that best fits their goals and objectives. All partners must pass our technology and business reviews (Extension Quality Program), with no exceptions.

Magento is thrilled about our new program. But we know that change is not always easy. We are confident that this shift in strategy will pave the way for greater success for us all—the entire Magento Ecosystem.

Magento looks forward to building the future of commerce with you!

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