Magento Innovations Lab Round Four & Announcing Sneaks at Imagine 2019

February 6, 2019

Magento Innovations Lab Round Four & Announcing Sneaks at Imagine 2019

It’s time for round four of Magento Innovations Lab! We’ve been so inspired by the Innovations Lab submissions from our global community over the past 18 months that we’re ready to up the game and literally shine a light on the exceptional work being done. This is your chance to stand up and share your vision and talent.  

Once again, we’re looking for early stage, experimental, bleeding edge implementations of emerging technologies on the Magento platform. Anything that enhances and improves the customer experience—either directly or indirectly. And don’t forget opportunities with Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud.

For this round, we will also be incorporating Innovations Lab into Sneaks at Imagine 2019. Adobe has a history of showcasing on the keynote stage the work of some of its super smart engineers who share short demos that provide an inspiring and entertaining look into future technologies. What better way to merge Adobe’s creativity with Magento’s passionate open source community!

Here are the details: three (3) innovations selected from this round will have the opportunity to present their solution LIVE on the keynote stage at Imagine 2019 in Las Vegas, May 13–15. Additionally, we will be selecting one innovation from each of the previous three (3) rounds to also present onstage. (More details on that selection process to come.)

We want to know what you’re working on. And we want to see it in action. It can be alpha, beta, wherever you are in the iteration process, but it needs to be successfully demonstrated in a live demo or production instance.

What Qualifies?

  • Must be built on Magento 2

  • Must be customer/shopper focused

  • Submissions must be shown through an actual implementation (no vaporware)

    • Must exist in a live demo or production instance

  • Solution must be exclusive to the Magento platform

  • Solution must not be fully productized or commercialized such as commercial extensions or SaaS offerings

  • Submissions may be highly customized, one-off, merchant-specific examples

*Innovations selected for Sneaks will receive one (1) complimentary full conference pass for Imagine 2019 and must be available:

  • For remote rehearsals the week of May 6

  • Onsite rehearsals at the Wynn Las Vegas, on or around May 11-12

  • To present live at Imagine 2019, May 13-15 in Las Vegas

The Round Four submission window is open Monday, February 6–Monday, March 31, 2019.

  • Official Rules can be reviewed here.  

  • Submit your innovation using this form

Get Started!

A maximum of eight (8) Innovators will be selected this round, with the top three (3) invited to present live onstage as part of Sneaks at Imagine 2019, May 13–15 in Las Vegas. All selected innovations will be featured in a variety of online and offline formats, including an online Innovations Showcase. These individuals or groups will receive well-deserved recognition and accolades from the Magento ecosystem, as well as exposure to new potential opportunities.

Set up a hackathon. Polish something already in progress. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.  

See what your peers have been up to by visiting the Innovations Lab Showcase.