Marketplace Extension Quality Program Update

July 5, 2016

Marketplace Extension Quality Program Update

Earlier this year, Magento introduced the Extension Quality Program which consists of business, technical, and marketing reviews that all extension submissions must pass in order to be listed on the Marketplace. From a technical perspective, the program leverages Magento software development guidelines and verification tools to ensure that extensions have a logical and efficient coding structure, high performance and scalability, and are compatible with the Magento platform.

Program Improvements
We want to share that improvements have been made to the Marketplace Extension Quality Program. The Magento Marketplace team has published an updated set of coding standard “sniffs” (i.e. rule sets) applicable for Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x extensions. You can find the sniffs at the Coding Standard directory on GitHub. You will need to test your extension code against these coding standards before submitting to the Marketplace Level 1 technical review.

In the event a submission does not pass either the business, technical or marketing review, extension providers will receive direct feedback as to why the submission did not meet the stated criteria and they will be required to take corrective actions. A submission that passes Level 1 business, technical and marketing review will be listed on the Marketplace.

The Extension Quality Program consists of 2 levels of technical code review:

  1. Level 1 technical review is mandatory for all extensions submitted to the Marketplace. It is an automated check which focuses on extension package structure, basic code standards, virus/malware and plagiarism. During Level 1 review, an extension also goes through a business and marketing review.

  2. Level 2 is an in-depth technical review conducted by Magento engineers. It is mandatory for all Magento Premier and Select Partners. The focus is on documentation, coding structure, performance, scalability, security and compatibility. All extensions are peer reviewed for maximum quality assurance. All extensions that pass Level 2 review will receive a special Top Quality badge that will appear on the product listing page.

We are committed to maintaining high-quality standards for Marketplace. We will continue to make updates and improvements to the Extension Quality Program to ensure that all Marketplace extensions meet Magento coding standards and best practices.

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