Top 10 Tips When Launching Magento 2.0 Extensions: Know Your Audience

April 6, 2016

Top 10 Tips When Launching Magento 2.0 Extensions: Know Your Audience

Tip #5: Know Your Audience

Remember that your target audience is a merchant, whether they are technical wizards or not. Be sure to explain any technical terminology and use examples and data to tell your story to whomever is reading your description. Provide just enough detail to get your key benefits across to your customer. 

Some additional tips from our valued developers:

“Seek customer feedback to improve your extension. As early as possible, seek feedback from the early adopters of your extension. What are the killer features they get excited about? Was anything confusing to set up or use? Are any logical core features missing? Was the documentation helpful? This feedback will make your product stronger, plus help to create a good first impression for those all-important first reviews. Look for trends in feedback and be open-minded. Early feedback could lead you to your best code/product tweaks. But also trust your instinct and don't allow yourself to get distracted from the core extension purpose and target customer.” – Fooman

“When working on ideas for Magento 2.0 extensions, rethink the features you’re going to implement by analyzing what customers wanted and used more with their Magento 1.x extensions. It’s a great opportunity to create even better products!” Amasty 

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