Top 10 Tips When Launching Magento 2.0 Extensions: Learn About Shared Packages

April 27, 2016

Tip #7: Learn About Shared Packages

The purpose of Shared Packages is to organize your Composer modules. Shared Packages functionality gives developers more fine-grained control for organizing code. Developers that already have or envision having various products in their portfolio (whether they be extensions or themes) that share common code and libraries will want to take advantage of Shared Packages. This functionality allows developers to market their products as a set and increase their sales. A developer can specify, for example, that in order for customers to run extension B, customers must first purchase and install extension A. Creation of shared packages is relevant only for products for the Magento 2.0 platform. All shared code and shared libraries can be zipped and uploaded one-by-one (one zip file per module) via the “Shared Packages” tab.

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