Welcome to the Refreshed Magento Marketplace

August 1, 2017

Welcome to the Refreshed Magento Marketplace

To streamline shopping for merchants and extension customers, the Magento Marketplace has been updated with Magento Commerce (Cloud) for a new, powerful experience. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve leveraged Magento Commerce to make the experience more user-friendly.  

Improved performance.

Over 40,000 merchants and solution integrators chose to shop confidently on Magento Marketplace. We improved performance for a speedy experience.

Clear tagging.

Extensions are now more clearly marked as Magento Commerce 1 versus Magento Commerce 2.

Simple discovery.

With 1,300+ extensions on the Magento Marketplace, we made products and content even easier to discover.

Cohesive look and feel.

The powerful Magento Commerce (Cloud) platform made it easy to create a lighter and more cohesive look and feel.

Powerful search.

Search now has multiple filters and options for rapid location.

Brand consistency.

The user interface and experience has a new look that is consistent across our Magento properties.

Check out the Refreshed Magento Marketplace!