DIY SEO With Magento (Part 2)

June 9, 2015

DIY SEO With Magento (Part 2)

This blog post is by Robert Kent, Systems Manager at Creare.

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In the first post, we looked at the importance of unique product descriptions, clutter-free navigation, important Magento SEO tools, redirecting broken pages, delivering a single page to search engines, XML sitemap generation, and more. In this second post, we’ll look at how search engines will deem you as more trustworthy and sophisticated online store.

Gaining the Users’ Trust

Search engines, like customers, look for ways in which they can identify your business as being a trustworthy online store.

Take time on your About Us page. If you’re a small business you need to get across to customers who you are and why they should shop with you over other better-known competitors.

Influencing customers to stay engaged with your store will help improve a search engine’s opinion of how people interact with your Magento website. The longer they spend on each page and the more pages they visit are just two of any number of like factors that influence rankings in search engines.

Going the Extra Mile

The best eCommerce websites go that extra distance to make the shopping experience unique and rewarding for their customers.

Think back to some of the more memorable product pages that you’ve ever visited online. Did they purely consist of a stock photo, specification table, and a single paragraph of content? Probably not.

The most engaging product pages are those that provide differing perspectives of your product. Where possible, think about integrating product videos into your pages.

Product videos (if done correctly) can sell your product far better than mere descriptive text. Although not necessarily cheap, there are many companies on the internet who provide a cost-effective product video solution, and this should certainly be considered for your best-selling items.

Fair and unbiased reviews are essential in many customers’ eyes when they make a purchasing decision. Magento gives you the ability to cultivate reviews and manage them through the Magento admin panel.

It is worth noting that reviews will remain unpublished unless you manually approve them, and that sometimes a descriptive 3-star review has a bigger impact on a potential customer’s decision than a basic 5-star review.

Product imagery is also something that has been taken for granted by most eCommerce stores. Stock photography or imagery provided by the suppliers may suffice, but does it really go that extra mile? Where possible, you should try to create your own imagery to showcase your products and make a big deal over your best-selling items.

Patience Is a Virtue

Search engine optimization (like most things in life) takes patience.

Most improvements to a website can take anywhere from one hour to two or more weeks to be picked up by search engines (depending on a number of factors). However, you should start reaping the benefits of your improved content immediately after they are set live to your customers.

Although this article is titled DIY SEO with Magento, many aspects of SEO are extremely technical and would be best resolved by a respectable digital marketing agency.

Depending on the current state of your website and its standing within search engines, it may be worth asking for an analysis to be completed by your chosen digital marketing agency to see if any urgent technical changes need to be completed before your improved content has any noticeable effect.

Shoppers Use Mobile Devices

It is important to remember that the usability of a website differs depending on the device that is being used to render it.

A well-polished Magento website that has not been optimized for mobile devices will suffer in terms of conversion and usability on these devices.

At Creare, we studied the mobile usage of over 1,000 small businesses in the UK and saw that the trend appears to be that mobile usage will (or already has) overtake desktop usage.

Thankfully, Magento comes with the theme and tools to be able to accommodate responsive or mobile-friendly theme design. If you are looking at creating a new theme for your Magento store, it is vital that it be mobile-friendly from the outset.

In Conclusion

Magento is a platform suitable for both web professionals and store owners alike. The CMS capabilities put the content of your store in your hands. Unique, engaging content is still the best way to improve your Magento website and, as a result, your rankings within search engines.

Let us know if you’ve any additional tips within the Magento Forums' Small Business Merchant Chat for SEO.

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