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Magento Masters Spotlight

Jan 29, 2019
Get to know Phillip Jackson, eCommerce Evangelist at Something Digital
Jan 29, 2019
Get to know Rafael Correa Gomes, Lead Developer at Imagination Media
Jan 28, 2019
Get to know Damian Culotta, Senior Magento Developer at Mediotype
Jan 24, 2019
Get to know Sander Mangel, Tech Lead at we are sure
Jan 23, 2019
Get to know Jisse Reitsma, Founder, Developer, and Trainer at Yireo
Jan 23, 2019
Get to know Sonja Riesterer, Marketing Manager with integer_net
Magento Masters Spotlight: Danny Verkade
Jan 14, 2019
Get to know Danny Verkade, Founder and CEO of Cream. Danny was selected as Magento Master for 2018 based on his 2017 contributions through extensive pull requests to the Magento 2 core on GitHub as well as his efforts with Meet Magento Netherlands.
Jan 9, 2019
Get to know Miguel Balparda, Community Developer at Nexcess
Jan 8, 2019
Get to know Gabriel Guarino, Senior Magento Engineer at Shero Commerce Inc.
Magento Developer Spotlight: Kristof Ringleff 2018
Jan 7, 2019
Get to know Kristof Ringleff, Director at Fooman.  Kristof was selected as a Magento Master for 2018 based on his 2017 contributions through the Auckland Magento User Group, helping others in the community on Magento StackExchange, speaking engagements around harnessing the power of Composer in Magento 2.  Read more.