Are you ready for Magento #SQUASHTOBERFEST 2018?

October 1, 2018

By: David Manners,

Community Engineer

, Magento

Are you ready for Magento #SQUASHTOBERFEST 2018? | Magento Blog

After the success of last year’s #SQUASHTOBERFEST we are doing it again… but this time with a few changes.


During October, open source communities around the world unite to show some love for their favorite GitHub repositories. And there’s a chance to win some swag for their hard work. Here at Magento Commerce, we love to organize–and participate in–#SQUASHTOBERFEST.

What’s Changed?

Over the year we’ve listened carefully to your feedback, and we’ve decided to include QA and DevDocs tasks along with the regular development tasks. The aim of the QA track is to validate issues on GitHub to help improve the health of our backlog. The DevDocs tasks aim to develop deeper content for the developer community. You can find the process flow on our wiki.

What Can I Get?

This year, if you submit five or more pull requests or validate 10 or more issues during October, you’ll receive an exclusive #SQUASHTOBERFEST T-shirt.

How Can I Get Involved?

Contribute to any pull request or issue validation during October, and your work will count towards some swag. For more information and inspiration, please read our Q&A. Are you new to contributing to Magento? You should check out our Contributor Guide.

We’d love to see how you’re getting involved. So please use the hashtag #SQUASHTOBERFEST on social media. Got questions? Just ask in the #SQUASHTOBERFEST channel of the Community Engineering Slack. Or join us on Slack.

Happy contributing!

About David Manners

David Manners @mannersd is part of the Community Engineering team @MagentoengCom at Magento, focusing on empowering the community to contribute to the Magento product via GitHub.

David will also be at MagentoLive Europe 2018, so stop by and say hello!

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