How Mediotype Passed a Whopping 57 Certifications

May 2, 2019

How Mediotype Passed a Whopping 57 Certifications

Magento Certifications help professionals differentiate their work and quickly verify their skills with clients. One Magento Partner has gone above and beyond to set themselves apart from the rest as they strive to become the team with the most Magento 2 certifications.

Founded in 2009, Mediotype is a full-service eCommerce agency, serving a wide variety of businesses. While they’ve quietly enjoyed success over the years, we think they deserve a shout-out for passing a record 57 Magento 2 certifications between 25 team members. Here’s how they did it.

1. Set Time Goals

Mediotype set time goals to align with the Magento Partner requirements and implemented a quarterly incentive program for the team to help offset the time they spent studying after work and to give them some additional goals to work towards.

2. Supply Support Materials

Team leaders supplied testing vouchers and practice test access, so no one would be blocked in the process.

3.  Host Study Groups

Starting in January, most team members participated in a Saturday study group lead by Joshua Romero, Senior Developer at Mediotype. These sessions usually focused around a limited set of topics, like UI components and declarative schema. The sessions were recorded to support study and information retention.

4. Provide Practice Tests

Mediotype also purchased the SwiftOtter practice tests for every member of the team as they targeted each test. For the “tough” areas, the team wrote dummy modules and reviewed each other’s work to provide feedback and understand the underlying framework. They actively encouraged each other to walk through the core and framework code, to understand on a deep level what it does. Slack worked well for collaboration, both to ask for help and pinpoint weaknesses, and to celebrate everyone’s success, gain confidence, and keep the momentum going.

5. Learn From Failure

Most important was that Mediotype emphasized “it is ok to fail” as long as they learned from the failure. They set a limit of three vouchers for any test just to constrain the company costs a little, but no one has needed more than that at this point.

6. Build on Experience

Besides all the planning, coordination and study, Mediotype has an exceptionally talented and experienced team. Most of these team members have been working on Magento 2 since at least the Magento 2.1 release and have been exposed to many advanced areas of Magento in their projects.

The Mediotype team is #KrilinIt

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