Lessons from a Year of Magento U

December 18, 2013

By: Marketing Team,


Lessons from a Year of Magento U

As you're planning for 2014, think about fitting in time to get to know the Magento platform better. Getting educated might seem like an obvious way to gain understanding, but too often we skip those opportunities because we're just too busy. In 2014, make time. We're speaking from experience. Hundreds of developers have trained with us, and here are lessons they have to share:

Developers Don't Know What They Don't Know
"The Magento U course has helped me get to know Magento in so many ways, and it has made me realize how much I did not know about the framework," said Phumlani Nyati from Invent Commerce. Developers tend to be pretty smart and self-sufficient people, which is good because they're often thrown into the deep end head first when they join a team. No matter how clever they are, without education on the Magento platform, they'll tend to focus on what they can see, and likely miss useful and important aspects simply because they don't know they exist.

An Educated Developer is an Efficient Developer
"For the past year I have been blindly working with Magento, but after the week of training I now can see the light. I can't wait to bring my new knowledge back to work," says Dave Bonillas from Build.Com, Inc. Magento platforms are pretty awesome, but they're not magical. They need to be implemented and managed by developers, and, since most development is tied to a budget, it's a really good idea for developers to know what they're doing. Saving time means saving money.

Experts Are Better at Answering Complex Questions
"The instructor had incredible knowledge of the material and was able to explain and demonstrate real life situations flawlessly," says Ashley Bush from Ringside. Developers have questions too. Sure, developers can probably "read the book," but isn't it better, and often faster, when they can just ask someone? Especially if the person they ask is an expert? Not only do they know their subjects, but experts are often a great source for filling in all of those things you didn't know you didn't know, and helping you with efficiency. Because they're experts. It's what they do.

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