Magento 2 Merchant Beta Release

July 15, 2015

By: Marketing Team,

Marketing Team

Magento 2 Merchant Beta Release

We are tremendously excited to announce that today we reached another significant development milestone with the release of the Magento 2 Merchant Beta. This release brings us to the last stage before the general availability (GA) of Magento 2 in Q4 2015.

Magento 2 Merchant Beta Platform Updates

  • This pre-release software has gone through rigorous QA and testing in house and will be fairly close in look, feel, and function to the GA product. It will be tested in real-world conditions as part of the Merchant Beta program to fully vet the software before general availability later in the year.

  • It incorporates new and enhanced functionality like streamlined checkout and new payment processing,

  • The Enterprise Edition module includes updates to merchant features like import/export functionality, configurable swatches, transactional emails and more.

  • It demonstrates significant performance improvements for both the Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition with holistic updates to both server-side and client-side architecture. Server-side updates include out of box Varnish 4, full page caching, and support for HHVM3.6. Client-side updates include static content caching in browser, image compression, use of jQuery, and RequireJS for better management of JavaScript and bundling to reduce file download counts.

  • The Magento Enterprise Edition codebase includes comprehensive scalability enhancements to the database, order management, checkout, catalog, and more. Improvements include asynchronous grid fulfillment, standalone database for checkout, compatibility with MySQL cluster, more concurrent admins for order, and product management and complete separation of store sub-systems.

Developers get access to core platform and functionality improvements included in the Community Edition platform.

Preparing for General Availability (GA)

We are currently engaged with a group of merchants and partners to test the Merchant Beta codebase via real-world implementations. These merchants and partners will implement new sites or conduct a site upgrade using the pre-release beta software. The merchant beta program is intended to fully vet the platform, so we can confidently launch Magento 2 for general availability in Q4, 2015. We have signed up a variety of merchants across multiple industries and regions, and of various sizes and complexity, to ensure we are testing across varied set of use cases. Our Magento Services and Support Teams are intimately involved with all the Merchant Beta builds, as are our systems integrators and technology partners. We’re deeply committed to ensuring that our merchants have the best platform possible at GA and that our robust partner ecosystem is prepared to help merchants through the upgrade process.

Preparing for Magento 2 Launch

As we complete the final vetting of the platform, we encourage developers and partners to start taking advantage of the resources and tools that we have made available to prepare for general availability of Magento 2 later this year.

Training Courses

Preparing for Migration

  • We have a whitepaper that explains the new Data Migration Tool to help prepare merchants for migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.

  • This whitepaper outlines the steps in the migration process, and provides a technical overview of the Data Migration Tool that is intended to protect data integrity and reduce downtime during migration.

Get started now!

Magento 2 is an innovative leap forward from the immensely successful Magento 1.x platform. Because of this, once Magento 2 is officially released, merchants new to the Magento ecosystem will only be offered Magento 2 licenses. This ensures that these new merchants will be positioned for long-term success on the Magento platform. While developers and technical sales staff alike will feel familiar with the architecture and features of Magento 2, a successful transition to Magento 2 expertise requires training. So don’t wait! Make sure developers are appropriately trained and build their experience on Magento 2 now to be ready and prepared for the sales pipeline for Magento 2.

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