Magento Commerce Portfolio & Magento 2.0 Overview

December 21, 2015

By: Marketing Team,


If you weren’t able to join us in person at MagentoLive Australia, watch the keynote video to learn about the Magento Commerce portfolio of solutions and how Magento 2.0 will benefit merchants and developers

Magento announced the release of its next-generation digital commerce platform, Magento 2.0, at MagentoLive Australia. Vice President of Digital Commerce Products, Paul Boisvert, was a keynote speaker at the event and shared an overview of the Magento Commerce portfolio, which now includes digital commerce and cloud-based omnichannel solutions. He also provided a detailed review of Magento 2.0, how it benefits both merchants and developers, and a preview of future roadmap themes. 

To hear firsthand from two Magento 2.0 Beta Merchants and three solution partners about their Magento 2.0 journey, check out this discussion.

For a deeper dive on Magento 2.0, don’t miss this technical session.

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