Magento Innovations Lab Round 4 Showcase

May 13, 2019

eCommerce innovations

We launched the Magento Innovations Lab to spotlight the exceptional, bleeding-edge work that the Magento eCommerce Community is doing. From merchandising to customer service to payments (and more), these innovations are truly creating exceptional customer experiences for Magento merchants. Please join us in a round of applause for the newest additions to the program—the round four selections!

Advanced A/B Testing by Joe Rollinson of Best Worlds

This extension from Best Worlds leverages Magento’s multi-website architecture and advanced configuration structure to make A/B testing possible on (almost) any aspect of a Magento store.




Augmented Reality with Adobe’s Project Aero by Igor Ludgero Miura of Imagination Media

Adobe’s Project Aero tackles AR while integrating with Adobe’s most popular tools. This Innovations Lab extension from Imagination Media brings a full augmented reality experience to Magento 2 effortlessly, using Apple ARKit.



AR Product Navigator by Vipin Sahu of Webkul

Using Webkul’s AR Product Navigator, retail shoppers can easily search and navigate to product locations via a mobile app. Along with the Magento tech stack, Webkul used ARKit, and built the custom map and path navigation system from scratch.



Pepper the Emotional Robot by Wiktoria Serek of SNOW.DOG

SNOW.DOG brings us Pepper, a kind, friendly and emotional humanoid robot. Designed to be an assistant capable of registering, understanding and reacting to human emotions. Pepper can help clients in purchasing choices. It is able to guide them through the entire shopping path, helping them to sort products, and choose the most interesting ones.



Visual Parts Finder by Erik Hansen of Kraken Commerce

The extension allows users to find replacement parts for a model by browsing a parts diagram. Several Magento 2 merchants have used this extension to power 300K+ models on their websites with over 1.5M parts.



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