Magento Master Spotlight: Hirokazu Nishi

February 16, 2017

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Magento Commerce

2016 was the inaugural year of our new top contributor program: Magento Masters. Many have asked what it takes to be a Magento Master, so we figured it would be great to spotlight our 2016 Magento Masters and let you get to know them and why they decided to get involved and contribute within the Magento Community. 

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Let's get to know Hirokazu Nishi, CTO at Veriteworks Inc: 

Hi everyone, My name is Hirokazu Nishi, CTO of Veriteworks, Japan. I'm an organizer of the Magento Japan community. My main job is to develop Magento based eCommerce websites for Japanese merchants, and also trainings for other companies using Magento.

How and when did you first get involved with Magento?

The first time I met Magento was September 9, 2007. I saw it on Japanese Open Source news website. At that time, the beta version was just released, and, compared with now, it couldn't say [it was] a good performance platform. But I felt there was no other application with the same functions as Magento. I had a feeling that it was a stronger solution than any other applications in Japan and it must have great potential. Since then, I started localization and organizing Japanese local community. These are the most important missions for me.

What made you decide to contribute to the Magento community?

When I met Magento, I simply felt It [would] be a great solution. I have to ride this new wave. That was the beginning of my contribution to the Magento community.

How has the Magento community impacted you?

It changed my life completely. I attended many events as a speaker, organized events, and disclosed my codes on Github. At last, I became a co-founder of Veriteworks, Magento specialized company. These are all brought from Magento and its community.

What’s is your favorite Magento event to attend or organize?

My favorite Magento event to attend: Magento Imagine and MagentoLive. It is hard to choose. Of course, I love to organize Meet Magento Japan and attend other Meet Magento events, [like] Developers Paradise.

What is your most memorable career experience?

I used to work as a project manager and developer at some projects that have deeply customized codes and heavy traffic. I learned the right way on how to do customization and performance tuning through those projects. These projects brought me many experiences about how to live with Magento in long term.

CTOVeriteworks Inc

Hirokazu is CTO of Veriteworks Inc, a Magento solution partner in Japan. He has been involved with Magento community since 2007. Hirokazu maintains Japanese localization and payment integrations. He also loves to ride his motorcycle to go touring and camping. 

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