Magento Masters Spotlight: Anna Völkl

January 18, 2017

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Magento

2016 was the inaugural year of our new top contributor program: Magento Masters. Many have asked what it takes to be a Magento Master, so we figured it would be great to spotlight our 2016 Magento Masters and let you get to know them and why they decided to get involved and contribute within the Magento Community. 

Let’s get to know Anna Völkl, Lead Magento developer at E-CONOMIX: 

Hi, my name Anna Völkl and I am a Lead Magento developer at E-CONOMIX in Austria. We plan and build Magento online shops and new features for our merchants, and always try to come up with innovative new ideas for eCommerce.

How and when did you first get involved with Magento?

I first got involved with Magento when I joined LimeSoda, my former company, back in 2011. They'd been working on a few Magento shops before and my first project there was a children's e-book store [which had] 11 languages.

What made you decide to contribute to the Magento community?

When I started with Magento, I felt a bit lost in this huge framework and I read a lot of blogs [and] forum posts, and got in touch with Magento people via Twitter. Soon I found out that people had more or less the same problems [with Magento] that I had. So I started to answer questions, writing blog posts and generating content too. I've found the Magento community is very kind and friendly and also very thankful if you provide stuff that helps someone else. Contributing to the Magento community is great, and also a lot of fun, and pays off in so many ways.

How has the Magento community impacted you?

The Magento community has impacted me in a very positive way. It's cool to get to know people and exchange ideas, problems, and solutions you have. Also,  I gained a lot of confidence [from] working with the Magento eCommerce framework. It's also very rewarding to find out your contributions are appreciated and were helpful for others.

What's been your favorite Magento event to attend or organize?

The first Magento event I've ever attended was Meet Magento Germany. I was very excited back then to meet people from the Magento community for the first time. Also, there are a lot of other great events like the Imagine, MageTitans, [and] MageUnconference, and I [love] to organize MageStackDay together with our team.

What's one thing the Magento community might not know about you?

So, here's one thing you might not know about me: It's the fault of the Magento community that I started running. There was always a group of people at various Magento events who went for a morning run and I thought it would be cool to join them. This year I'm going to run my first half marathon.

What is one piece of advice that you live by and that you'd like to pass on to other developers?

I think the best advice I can pass onto other developers is to be passionate about the things you do. That does not just apply for Magento, but to life in general. Especially when you're learning new things, I think it's important to be curious and [try] to understand what's going on, and not just make things work without having an idea what's going on.

Lead Magento Developer, E-CONOMIX

Anna has been a professional software engineer since 2006 and started working with Magento in 2011. She is passionate about securing IT systems, raising awareness and implementing mechanisms to improve security. She likes to share her knowledge and experience through her contributions to, giving talks at Magento events, interacting on Twitter and is an active member of the Magento developer community. Anna holds a Bachelor's degree in IT & Telecommunications and a Master's degree in Information and IT Security.

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