Magento Masters Spotlight: Matthias Zeis

January 4, 2018

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Magento Commerce

2017 was our second year of our new top contributor program: Magento Masters. Many of you ask what it takes to be a Magento Master, so we figured it would be great to continue to spotlight our Magento Masters and let you get to know them and why they decided to get involved and contribute within the Magento Community. 

Let's get to know Matthias Zeis, Tech Lead at LimeSoda Interactive Marketing GmbH: 

I’m Matthias and I’m living in Vienna, Austria together with my girlfriend. I’m working here as a Magento Developer and as the Tech Lead of our agency LimeSoda. Being a Tech Lead means that I’m not only programming Magento shops, but that a big part of my role actually is to enable our team—to make sure we have all the technologies, and the processes, and the knowledge that we need to get better every day.

How and when did you first get involved with Magento? 

I first got involved with Magento in 2009. It was when my boss approached me and he told me that we had a customer who wants to do a webshop. He asked me if I know about a good software. I said “I have heard about this thing called Magento. It seems to be pretty new but it has a very good concept and a very good base behind it. We should give it a try.” So that’s what we did. Then we did our first shop, and our second shop, and we learned, and we are quite happy with our decision.

What made you decide to contribute to the Magento Community? 

When I started with Magento eight years ago, there were not many German resources online. I was searching for something on the web. Maybe I found some English articles, or I found some wiki entries, but there wasn’t there as much as there is today. So, I thought, “I’ve always liked to write, maybe I should set up a blog.” And that’s what I did. So, if I found out something where I thought “Maybe that’s interesting for others,” then I just wrote about it. Then I went to my first conferences, and hackathons, and people approached me and told me that they really liked that. This was very encouraging for me. Then I wrote extensions at the hackathons together with others and saw how many people are giving back, and I thought “Okay, that’s really a good way.” In open source products, in the community, you get so many others for free that it’s just important for me to give back, too.

How has the Magento Community impacted you? 

The Magento community has impacted me in many ways, but I think the most important part for me is that I met new friends. You meet each other at conferences a few times a year and you are in contact online on Twitter or WhatsApp chat, and that’s a very nice thing to have.

What is your favorite Magento event to attend or organize?

My favorite event? That’s difficult to say. Of course, there is something like Imagine which is just a very impressive conference. Another thing which I really fell in love with are the unconferences. If you don’t know what an unconference is, just Google it, but I definitely like them very much. It doesn’t matter if you are a merchant, or maybe a developer, or something else—you just can go there, and people make up their own agenda, and you have so much time to discuss and find out about new topics. This has been very inspiring for me.

What might the Magento community not know about you?

One thing the community might not know about me is that I love to play the piano. Of course, I like listening to music, and I’m playing around a lot with my audio system, but what I also really like to do is play the piano. I’ve learned it for 25 years, and I’ve had my breaks in between of course—life gets in the way, but every time I go back to the piano, it’s just great fun for me.

What is one piece of advice you would give other developers? 

One advice that I would give to developers is: continuously learn. Our field is changing so rapidly, there are so many new technologies every day, that it’s bad to stand still. It’s also an important part of my motivation. If you only stay in your bubble, then maybe you sometimes lose focus, you lose your motivation, but if you always try out something new and see what else is there—this can be very encouraging, and you get new perspectives on your code.

Matthias Zeis

Tech Lead, LimeSoda Interactive Marketing GmbH

Matthias is the Tech Lead at LimeSoda. He lives in Vienna with his girlfriend where he enjoys running, music, and the beautiful city. When not doing that, he blogs all things Magento on his website, or organizes the Magento Meetup Austria. In his daily work, Matthias focuses on Magento, code quality, developer productivity, and Continuous Integration and Deployment. Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter via @mzeis!

Matthias was selected as a Magento Master for 2017 based on his 2016 contributions organizing Magento-Stammtisch Wien, consistently contributing to DevDocs, and sharing knowledge and experiences through speaking engagements around migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

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