Magento Masters Spotlight: Óscar Recio

July 25, 2018

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Magento

Magento Masters contribute a lot to the Magento Community so, naturally, people want to know what makes them tick. In this Magento Master Spotlight, we sat down with Óscar Recio, Magento Lead Developer at interactiv4.

Óscar was selected as a Magento Master for 2018 based on his 2017 contributions through organizing the Magento Madrid Meetup and efforts with Meet Magento Spain, contributing to the Magento 2 core and Magento DevDocs on GitHub, serving as a Maintainer, and for his speaking engagements around Magento 2. 

Who Are You and What Is Your Role?

My name is Óscar Recio. I work [as an] interactiv4 Magento Lead Developer. Now, my position is to teach other people to get involved with Magento, [to teach Magento 2 to] all the junior developers, in this case. This is my part in the company. The other part is to share and show. That is, share something in the project and you take this part and share with your colleague and explain to them what is the problem and how [you solve it]. This is an important time to organize this event or internal event. It's so fun because people talk with others and their colleagues. They say, "Hey, what do you make here?" I make this program. This is how I solve it.

How and When Did You First Get Involved with Magento?

My first time with Magento 1 was in 2009. I worked for a company who had their own eCommerce platform, but I needed to go to the other platforms to know more. This was my first installation with Magento. Formerly, the first contact with Magento was in 2011. Formerly, I worked with an IOT company and this is my first project with Magento 1.4, if I remember correctly. [Magento] 1.4 was a platform that we needed to update, solve the performance problems, and so on.  

What Made you Decide to Contribute to the Magento Community?

My first time with Magento community was in 2014. [When] I started with interactiv4. interactiv4, they say it's a big part of the community. They know who is in the interactiv4 and who makes it. This is my first time, I talked in Meet Magento in Spain, my first time, with Vinai Kopp. This is amazing and it was my first time with the community. Then, Magento started to change and the Magento forum,  forums. That's my first contact with the community to help others. The problem I found in this platform was when I searched for a problem, the problem was not solved. But, definitely, when I solved the problem, I answered the question to help others in the community. Because the fun thing is when you go back and you gave an answer, and you don't remember that, and you search again, and you find your answer. Okay. Thank you, Óscar. Yeah, it so funny.

How Has Becoming a Magento Master Impacted Your Life?

It impacted me in many ways, you know. People say, “Congratulations!” [when] I meet other people. And when you go to the events, they say, "Hey, you are a Magento Master." And it's like, wow. But, definitely, the most important part of being a Magento Master, [and] honor for me, is to teach others what it means to be a Magento Master. You teach other people to make technical things correctly inside of Magento, but not only technical things in Magento. You have other technical parts in Magento like the administrator, the marketing parts, the content. All parts of an eCommerce that sell the product, it's all these things together.

What Is One Piece of Advice You Live by and Would Like to Pass on to Other Developers?

For me, the best question to ask developers is, "What is the next step?" You need to think what is the next step to make this step because today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow. There are other kinds of thing that you can make tomorrow that you can't make today. For example, with PWA, this is the future. Not just the future, it's actually now. This is the question that I like to ask the developers. What is the next step? What is your challenge here or what do you want to convert this eCommerce or this project to grow with the company or project or client? Those are the kinds of things you can share with this.

Do You Have a Tip for Merchants and Developers to Maximize Partnership?

The best advice for the merchant and the developer is that an eCommerce project, the source of the eCommerce project is to sell a product. You need to think that you need to sell something, to any kind of people. [To] the merchants: don't think about the features. Sell your product first. And the part of the developer is, you need to solve this problem to sell a product. This is the important thing [for] each together [to] solve a project or a big problem that they have. They don't have a catalog to sell something or anything. In this case, they need to make a project to sell something. That is the [key] in this part.

What Does Being a Magento Master Mean to You?

For me, it's a big responsibility. It's like Spiderman. [laughs] No, but it's a big responsibility because you are an example for the other people. The people who start with Magento and the other people, the old generation of Magento, they say, "You are a young man. You are a Magento Master." And I say, "Yes." [laughs]. 

No, but I think it's a big responsibility and a good responsibility to teach others what Magento means. It's not only a platform to sell or to make eCommerce. It's a bit community and you need to talk with others. You need to learn from others. Always you need to learn from others and, of course, teach others because you solve your problems and you share your problems with other people. You get and you give and you receive. This is the big important part of the deal.

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