Magento Masters Spotlight: Rafael Correa Gomes

January 29, 2019

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Magento

Magento Masters contribute a lot to the Magento Community so, naturally, people want to know what makes them tick. In this Magento Masters Spotlight, we’re chatting with Rafael Correa Gomes, Lead Developer at Imagination Media

Rafael was selected as a Magento Master for 2018 based on his 2017 contributions through organizing Magento Meetup São Paulo and contributing to the Magento 2 core and Magento DevDocs on Github as well as his efforts translating Magento 2 to Portuguese for the Brazilian community.

Who Are You and What Is Your Role?

My name is Rafael Correa Gomes. I work as a lead developer at Imagination Media, based in Florida in Miami and in Brazil. 

How and When Did You First Get Involved with Magento?

I got involved with Magento seven years ago. In my city, there aren’t many people working with Magento eCommerce in my city in Brazil. Then I started to learn something on the internet and blog posts in English. I didn't speak English at this time, but I was learning and with that, I learned English for myself and learned documentations, and basically Magento. I started getting involved with that, with documentation. After that, I continued with some classes.

What Made You Decide to Contribute to The Magento Community?

The first time that I contributed to Magento was with the migration with Magento 1 to Magento 2 to GitHub. In GitHub, opened many opportunities to contribute to the entire community, so I'm one of the people that has contributed with this part. During migration, I contributed, and I already have familiarity with the GitHub, so was very good and I continued contributing. I created some issues, pull requests and I continued with that and continuing contributing to translations with tools. I created my own tools and continually use them for more than 12,000 Magento developers in the world, and totally open source tools. I contributed some videos to YouTube and yeah, I continue contributing, not just with the code and getting involved but with the community in Brazil as well. 

How Has the Magento Community Impacted You?

The Magento community gave me the opportunity to get more engaged, to help people. Then I love to do that so it's my passion. Magento community made it possible for me to achieve, to do that, with some courses, classes, and lectures and involved with the community and for free, yeah, for fun and basically. The entire community in Brazil needs education about the platform and the majority don't speak English, so this is a good way to build this bridge. 

What Is One Thing the Magento Community May Not Know About You?

Are you prepared? I am a professional dancer just like, not professional, but advanced dancer in two different types.

What Is One Piece of Advice That You Live by And Would Like to Pass On to Other Developers?

My advice is something that I saw in Brazil some time ago. I expected that could be very difficult to be introduced, engaged with the community, but it's not hard. Everyone wants to learn, and everyone likes to share as well. So, it's a great opportunity to get involved with the community, with the society that we live in, and share your knowledge. You don't need to know it all. You don't need to know everything. You just need to use well what you know. So, the key is to use what you know to engage your society, engage the community that you live in. 

Do You Have a Tip for Merchants and Developers to Maximize Partnership?

Well, the better advice is to not be afraid to share some aspects about the core of your company. Share what you're doing, share all the processes, basically be transparent. The truth will work well. There will be a better work together, like a team, to provide a solution. It's like a win-win then so we need to do that more times and it is good advice in my opinion. 

What Does Being a Magento Master Mean to You?

Well, when I saw the name I was like, "Oh, my God. I don't believe that. I need to confirm." I was so excited, and I am so excited to be here. It was like something, it is a dream come true so yeah, I have no words to express that.

Rafael will be at Imagine 2019. Stop by and say, hello!