Magento Masters Spotlight: Riccardo Tempesta

January 9, 2020

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Adobe

Magento Masters contribute a lot to the Magento Community so, naturally, people want to know what makes them tick. In this Magento Masters Spotlight, we’re chatting with Riccardo Tempesta.

Who are you, and what is your role? 

My name is Riccardo Tempesta. I’m CTO and Co-Founder of MageSpecialist. Most of the people know me as “The Rick”. That is a funny name that I got from the community, so I decided to keep it. So yeah, I’m The Rick! I’m the CTO—that means everything and nothing. Basically, it just means that I’m not fixing printers. Well actually unless people ask me kindly, in that case, I will fix anyway. Let’s say I spend most of my time in training myself, training my team, and finding the best solution for the Magento jobs we do for other people. Basically, that’s what I do.

How and when did you first get involved with Magento? 

It was, I think, 2008. It was a very promising project on SourceForge and very few people knew about it. It was funny because I remember that when you were looking for some Magento information on Google, you were typing “Magento.” Google was answering you, “Are you looking for ‘Magneto’?” It was a very new platform.

What made you decide to contribute to the Magento Community? 

I decided a couple of years ago. I have, not a horrible reason, because I decided to do it. I think the official one was to give something back, but I think the real one was something different. At that time Magento was growing faster and I wanted to be part of the change, to be aware of all the changing inside Magento, both from the technical and business perspective. I think that was the real reason.

How has the Magento Community impacted you? 

I would not lie if I say that it totally changed my life. For real. Before joining the community, I was just one guy, behind one desk, typing very nice code. After it, I started traveling a lot for speaking at many Magento events and knowing people. And now most of my best friends, probably, are from the community. It changed my life because I also had the opportunity to work with some superheroes of Magento like Max Yekaterynenko, or Anton Kril, or The Mighty Igor. So yeah, it changed my life.

What’s been your favorite Magento event to attend or organize?

To organize, it’s quite easy to answer, because I just organized one event. Well actually I didn’t organize, I co-organized with Jisse and it was the MageTestFest this year in Italy. But my favorite events, as an attendee, were probably the MageTitans in Italy, the MageTitans Manchester, and Meet Magento Poland.

What is one piece of advice that you live by, and would like to pass on to other developers? 

I don’t think I’m so wise to give advice to people, but what I can say is that even if you are the best developer in the world, even the best person in the world, if you want to grow, like a developer, or even as a person, you should contribute to something bigger. When you give something to, let’s say an environment, you always get something back. If you don’t start contributing, basically you’re just you and yourself.

What’s one thing the Magento community may not know about you?

I think that the community knows most of me, at least the more superficial part. But one thing they may not know is that I just became Father. So, this is the news of 2019. Hello Julia!

About Riccardo Tempesta
CTO, MageSpecialist

Riccardo grew up on bread and computer science (his PC was a gift at the age of six). Over time he became a developer with an exceptionally broad knowledge of the most disparate areas of the field. He has been with the Skeeller srl (former Idealia Group srl) since 2001 as a founder and technical director. As a leader of the technical department for MageSpecialist, he is a senior analyst and software architect, Magento Specialist, senior PHP developer, and technical manager. Riccardo started working with Magento in early 2008. After falling in love with this new technology he became a Magento Certified Developer and continued his focus on developing and finding new Magento solutions. In 2015, he started working with Magento 2 and contributing to the Magento Community. In 2017 he became one of the top Magento contributors and in 2018 he also became a Magento Community Maintainer.

Riccardo was selected as a Magento Master for 2019 based on his 2018 contributions on GitHub, serving as a Community Maintainer on GitHub, organizing the MageSpecialist + BitBull MSI Contribution Weekend, and extensive speaking engagements educating the ecosystem on Magento security as well as the challenges and architecture of the MSI project.

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