Magento U: Magento 2 Training Advances for Developers

May 16, 2016

By: Beth Gomez,

Head of Magento U

, Magento

Magento U: Magento 2 Training Advances for Developers

Our focus with Magento 2 training has been to make it easy for developers to learn what they needed to get started quickly, provide more practical exercises, and help developers progress down the road to certification (After all, we need lots of Magento 2 experienced developers in the market to be able to create the certification). With that in mind, we embraced the concept of the flipped classroom (where theory is taught upfront and class time is devoted to putting that theory into practice) and created the  Magento 2 Developer Boot Camp.

If you’re new to Magento, we would suggest you start with Magento 2 Developer Boot Camp which consists of three components:

1. Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development On-Demand

This is a 6 unit course that you can take at your convenience online to learn the theory of Magento 2 Development. Each unit is approximately 6-8 hours, long and together they will give you a solid foundation of the architecture of Magento 2, provide you with skills to work with Magento modules and ways to customize Magento 2.

2. Classroom Add-on to the Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development

This is a classroom course that augments the Fundamentals course above and helps you put into practice what you learned in the On-Demand portion. We start with a quick review of key topics and then dive right into an extensive set of targeted practical exercises.

3. Knowledge Assessment: Recognized Magento 2 Fundamentals Developer

This is an assessment to evaluate your mastery of the Magento 2 Fundamentals materials and to show what you have learned.

For developers who have completed the developer training for Magento 1.x, we suggest that you also start with the Magento 2 Developer Boot Camp. You’ll have the advantage of being able to get through the On Demand portion at a quicker pace since you are already familiar with Magento. 

Here's how one developer compared Magento 1 to Magento 2 training: "I have taken all the courses in the Magento 1 Developer training track and I can say that I was excited about attending one of the first Magento U training sessions for Magento 2 development. Now I feel ready to take on Magento 2 development," says Sonia Park, Director of EguanaCommerce.

Here are Sonia's top 5 takeaways from the class we recently held in New York.

1. M2 architecture & development skills I never would have learned from Internet or elsewhere

2. Useful PHP-storm features which are perfect for M2 development ==> Saving a lot of time for me!

3. Hands-on practical development skills (i.e. hands-on skills and exposure to other excellent M2 development feature)

4. Many questions I had which could NOT be answered on Internet/github, etc have NOW been resolved by an enthusiastic Instructor.

5. A network of great class mates

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