Meet the 2020 Magento Masters: Movers

January 29, 2020

By: Sherrie Rohde,

Community Manager

, Adobe

Magento Masters Movers

It’s difficult to believe, but it’s already time for the fifth year of Magento Masters, a program that recognizes top contributors in our ecosystem. Today we reveal three of this year’s members who were selected as Movers. 

Movers are Magento’s top advocates and ecosystem thought leaders who have demonstrated their expertise in driving innovation through Magento solutions. They are influencers in the industry in delivering best-of-class Magento implementations and advocate for Magento at industry events. 

I am thrilled to introduce you to our Movers for the 2020 Magento Masters program: 


Oleksandr Lyzun

Magento Technical Team Lead, comwrap GmbH

Oleksandr (aka Alex) Lyzun is the Magento Technical Team Lead at comwrap, which he joined in 2015. In the past 11 years of working with Magento, Oleksandr developed, led, and executed numerous Magento projects. In addition, he successfully completed the Magento Professional Developer-, Cloud Developer-, and Solution Specialist Сertifications.

As Magento Community Maintainer, Magento DevDocs Maintainer, and Magento Master 2019, Oleksandr works with passion and love on various Magento Community projects. His passion is to work on complex Magento projects to provide tailored solutions to the digital challenges of eCommerce customers.

Oleksandr was selected as a Magento Master for 2020 based on his 2019 contributions to GitHub, serving as a Community Maintainer, leading weekly Asynchronous Import meetings, and conducting speaking engagements to educate the ecosystem about the community-driven Asynchronous Import project and Magento Cloud.

Magento-Mover-Ignacio-RiescoIgnacio Riesco

CEO, interactiv4

Ignacio Riesco has been working in the Internet business since 1999. He is a very active member of the Magento Community and has been traveling around the world to attend and speak in Magento events since 2010.

Ignacio loves to meet new people and learn from their business experiences and personal stories. He is the proud founder and CEO of Interactiv4, Magento Enterprise, and Contributor Partner, based in Spain. Ignacio is a passionate basketball lover and in his spare time loves to cook and spend time traveling with his kids. He is responsible for organizing many Magento events over the years, including Meet Magento Spain, Meet Magento New York, Madrid Magento MeetUp, and Contribution Weekend Madrid.

Ignacio was selected a Magento Master for 2020 based on his 2019 contributions organizing Meet Magento Spain and the Meet Magento Spain Contribution Day, as well as for contributing through the Magento Association Event Working Group and conducting extensive speaking engagements throughout the Magento community.

Magento-Mover-Riccardo-TempestaRiccardo Tempesta

CTO, MageSpecialist

Riccardo Tempesta grew up on bread and computer science. (His PC was a gift at the age of six.) Over time he became a developer with an exceptionally broad knowledge of the most disparate areas of the field. Riccardo has been with the Skeeller srl (former Idealia Group srl) since 2001 as a founder and technical director. As a leader of the technical department for MageSpecialist, he is a senior analyst and software architect, Magento Specialist, senior PHP developer, and technical manager.

Riccardo started working with Magento in early 2008. After falling in love with this new technology, he became a Magento Certified Developer and continued his focus on developing and finding new Magento solutions. In 2015 he started working with Magento 2 and contributing to the Magento Community. In 2017 he became one of the top Magento contributors, in 2018 he became a Magento Community Maintainer, and in 2019 a Magento Master Mover.

Riccardo was selected as a Magento Master for 2020 based on his 2019 contributions to GitHub, serving as a Community Maintainer, co-organizing MageTestFest and Contribution Day, and holding a variety of speaking engagements at Magento events.