PayPal Solutions for Magento Platforms 2015

June 29, 2015

By: Marketing Team,


Do you worry about the risk of credit card fraud in your online store? Would you like to streamline your check out process? Would you like to deliver a better online experience for your customers? Every business does. Payments are a critical element of an overall eCommerce strategy. Online transactions are made up of two parts: Products and Payments. Merchants optimize every aspect of their online products. Magento, together with PayPal, is doing the same for payments.

Magento merchants are using PayPal solutions like Express Checkout and the Braintree extension for Magento to help increase sales, reduce risk and deliver a better overall customer experience.

PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout is a quick-and-easy payment solution that can help dramatically increase sales. Specifically, research has shown that, when done right, PayPal Express Checkout can result in 3X faster checkout1. Based on feedback from Merchants and Partners, we created a quick video to illustrate the power of PayPal Express Checkout.

Braintree Extension for Magento

The Magento and Braintree (a PayPal company) teams have jointly developed an extension for merchants who need a complete payment solution that helps reduce the risk of fraud, speeds up checkout and helps deliver a better customer experience, while saving you money.

“We have seen merchants decrease their fraud rates when they implemented Braintree. That alone is worth the investment. We are using this extension for very large merchants—some doing more than $100MM in online volume,” said Ariel Spiegel, Principal, SDG Inc., a Magento Gold Solution Partner.

Reduce the risk of fraud and the cost of fraud protection

Merchants can accept credit and debit card payments globally, and rest assured knowing that the Braintree extension comes complete with state-of-the-art managed fraud protection via Kount, an industry leader.

Speed up the checkout process

Merchants can easily and securely tokenize credit card information in Braintree’s PCI-compliant vault, allowing for a faster and more seamless checkout experience for their customers. For example, once a customer has entered credit card information on a web site, Braintree recognizes them when they return and they won’t have to re-enter information for subsequent purchases on the same site.

Deliver a better customer experience

The Braintree extension for Magento lets merchants manage issues like exchanges and errors over the phone without ever having to request the customer’s credit card information a second time.

This extension has been tested for compatibility with Magento Community Edition 1.7+ and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12+.

Get the Braintree extension for Magento.

Learn more about PayPal solutions for Magento.

  1. Up to 3X faster checkout is based on a 2014 PayPal merchant integration demo comparing PayPal Express Checkout experience via a cart page vs. PayPal Express Checkout experience via a payment page.