Magento for International Expansion

Prepare for World Domination

So your sales across local marketplaces and regional partner sites are strong. Your product is enjoying fierce demand in foreign markets. It’s time to invest in dedicated commerce operations abroad, but the idea can seem daunting. Launching an international site can take up valuable time and resources, and missteps can be costly. Here are four things you can do to drive international success...

Be Flexible

Seasoned international travelers know the importance of flexibility, and business is no different. How efficiently you manage changes in culture, language, customs, currency, tax and laws can make the difference between success and failure. The Magento multi-site architecture uses a common codebase and common database for all versions of your site, enabling you to quickly configure and launch in foreign markets without developer intervention.

Break Into New Markets Faster

Seizing international opportunities is all about market timing, speed, and agility. Thanks to its unique multi-site architecture, Magento helps you launch faster, respond to market shifts, and capitalize on new developments.

Act Local

It’s no longer enough to just support local currencies, payment methods, and languages. You have to tailor the whole experience to local customs and shopper expectations–from site design and product mix to supporting regional technologies and suppliers. The vast Magento global ecosystem ensures that you have expert local knowledge in any region. From 150+ language packs to regional extensions and local system integrators, you can integrate almost any local business or custom system, without blowing your budget.

Efficiently Manage Multiple International Sites

Great gear helps world travelers become efficient. Your commerce platform should do the same. With Magento you can create authentic, localized brand experiences across multiple sites and handle day-to-day tasks with ease. Stage and preview content, and quickly customize your merchandising by location with drag-and-drop categorizing. You can also offer shop-the-look, complete-the-look, up-sell, and cross-sell recommendations for your new, local customers.

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