Magento for Small Business

Grow Your eCommerce Business

It has never been easier to start a business. But standing out from the crowd is harder than ever. You need to grow your business on your own terms. Only Magento gives you unprecedented flexibility and the choice to be creative, innovative, and to launch your web store in ways that will make you faster, bolder, and more attractive than your competitors.

Flexible and Fully Customizable

Create eye-catching experiences that are powerful enough to keep up with your growing business. From site design to sales channels, Magento gives you full control of your brand experience.

Set Up Your Products Quickly

From shades of color to specific formularies, custom product attributes are essential when matching products to customer needs. Magento helps you quickly and easily showcase your unique product attributes and tap robust product bundling to grow your average order value.

Use Built-in Analytics to Attract Customers

Top performing businesses acquire customers at up to 5x the rate of their counterparts. Magento gives you more tools to attract and retain customers than any other platform.

Packed with Features to Help Boost Sales

Watch your sales skyrocket with robust merchandising and promotions. With Magento you can easily integrate product bundling, ‘gift with purchase’, how-to videos, virtual try-on tools, customer reviews, and social media channels into your product pages.

Support for Global Expansion

Reach millions of new customers by expanding your brand globally. Thanks to its unique multi-site architecture, Magento helps you launch faster, respond to market changes, and capitalize on new developments. The vast Magento global ecosystem ensures that you have expert local knowledge in any region. From 150+ language packs to regional extensions and local system integrators, you can launch almost any local business or custom system, without blowing your budget.

Streamline Your Checkout Process

Don’t leave money on the table. Offer your customers an instant checkout experience with flexible payment options like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Klarna to increase conversion and sales.

Magento Commerce Technical Trial for Small Businesses

Is your team evaluating whether Magento Commerce is the right cloud platform for your store? Here's an opportunity for your developers and eCommerce teams to get first-hand experience with our powerful cloud development environment.

Featured Partners

Tap the turnkey solutions of these Magento small business experts to accelerate your speed to market, innovation, and growth.


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