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Aldo expands into Southeast Asia and delivers a localised experience

The retailer wanted to offer customers an omnichannel experience that recognised their preferences and knew Magento Commerce would deliver.
15% Total Cost of Ownership
6 weeks end-to-end implementation
2x order volume

Aldo wanted to enter the market as a brand that delivers style and value

Aldo is a global brand, offering on-trend footwear and accessories. Their story began in 1972, when Aldo Bensadoun set out to start an ethical, compassionate footwear company, using the skills passed on from two generations of shoemaking. Now operating over 3,000 points of sale globally, their mid-range fashion enjoys a strong following in South East Asia with over 80 stores across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Understanding the market’s need for stylish-yet-affordable footwear, Aldo wanted to reward loyal customers through their A-List loyalty program, delivering discounts and exclusive offers through a tiered program seamlessly online and in-store. This required segmentation and dynamic personalisation to offer specific pricing to loyal members. At the same time, Aldo wanted to expand their eCommerce across the region while still catering to online shoppers’ local preferences. Accomplishing their ambitious wish list required a solution that offered the ability to scale quickly and integrate with their CRM system. And they wanted to do it fast, so they could avoid renewing their legacy platform. 

Fashion eCommerce - Aldo

They decided to move to Magento Commerce, hosted on the cloud, due to its flexibility to manage complex promotions, manage multiple websites and its ability to integrate with current and future systems. Their partner agency, Codilar, set an ambitious task of delivering the first country website within three months. 

“We could clearly see Codilar’s passion for digital commerce and technology. Our years of frustration seemed very easily solvable after discussions with them. We decided to go ahead and never had to look back since then,” said Vijay Thiruvasagam, IT Manager for Montreal Pte Ltd, the regional distributor for Aldo. 

“Magento Commerce offered us the ability to fulfil our entire wish list. With it, we could run multiple sites off one database and deliver a local experience for each country,” he added. 

Before Magento, we had an omnichannel experience, but could not do what we wanted, and customers experienced too much friction. It’s all about customer experience. We want to make sure the customer is always happy by rewarding their loyalty, so they always come back.

Vijay Thiruvasagam
IT Manager for Montreal Pte Ltd, the regional distributor for Aldo

The Perks of Membership Delivered with Robust Integration

A substantial portion of Aldo’s sales come from customers enrolled in their multi-tier loyalty program: A-List. Members enjoy greater rewards and privileges as they spend more. Critical to the implementation’s success was delivering online access to the program that would sync with in-store transactions. With Magento Commerce, Codilar developed an omnichannel solution that provides seamless experiences across both channels. 

With increased demand in online shopping and events, Aldo understands the critical role of customer retention and works hard to reward loyalty. When members log in to the new Aldo site, they access special perks like personalised discounts on items, previews to new collections and sales, as well as members-only content. The success of the online program’s presence relies on the robust integration with Aldo’s CRM system, Capillary, by tracking customer engagements and purchases to tally and redeem membership points, whether they shop in-store or online, in real-time. 

Fashion eCommerce - Aldo

Aldo’s point of sales (POS) and website are also integrated, sharing a single cloud inventory system. This provides one source of truth that helps deliver maximum opportunities for customers to source their next pair of shoes along with the option to choose their shipping preference, from next day delivery or buy online and pick-up in store. To help customers find trending and recommended products, Codilar integrated Magento Commerce with the merchandising system, Tagalys, automatically creating and sorting product listing pages to improve site engagement. 

Consumers expect a local experience, so Aldo understood it needed to speak the language of their target customers. Their Magento Commerce solution delivered an experience that reflected the wants of their customers, whether they shop in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. Each country website incorporates the local language and preferred payment. Where Singaporeans lean towards credit cards, many in Malaysia and Indonesia choose bank transfers. With Magento’s extensive marketplace of extensions, payment gateways that cater to local preferences offer Aldo the ability to scale into new markets without needing additional resources.

Value for Aldo and Their Customers in Under Two Months

Because of their deep understanding of their customers, Aldo was able to build an online experience with Magento, tailored to their target audience’s tastes and preferences. Codilar exceeded the brand’s expectations: the first country site, Singapore, launched in under two months, with Malaysia following closely behind. Since then, online order volumes have doubled, as customers enjoy accessing new online pricing discounts and offers. The move to Magento Commerce has delivered a 15% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership, with Aldo now primed to launch online stores across their remaining markets in Indonesia and Thailand.

Fashion eCommerce - Aldo

With Magento Commerce, integration isn't an issue, and its extensive ecosystem means we can provide a local omnichannel experience as Aldo expands into new markets. Being a hardcore Magento team, we knew we could create the bespoke customer experience that Aldo wanted to deliver, within the tight timeframe they required.

Hashid Hameed
CEO at Codilar