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B2B eCommerce Brand, Igepa, Gets Seamless & Scalable Experience

How Igepa, a B2B eCommerce business, launched 9 sites in just 6 months using Magento and created a seamless & scalable experience for its users.
B2B eCommerce - Igepa
9 Sites in 6 Months
+120% Performance Increase
A+ Product Presentation

To align multiple B2B eCommerce business units under one brand.

The Igepa group is one of Europe’s leading paper merchants, with 50,000 clients in more than 25 different countries. They needed to create a smooth and seamless experience across the disparate B2B eCommerce websites of its eight business units. On their wishlist:

B2B eCommerce - Igepa

  • A B2B eCommerce web shop with ERP integration (Oracle JD Edwards)
  • Representation of the eight different business units on one instance of Magento Commerce
  • Presentation of Igepa as the holding company
  • Improving and optimizing web shop performance
  • Implementation of an efficient and scalable, technological base

Offering customers a high-performance, unified experience across our eight businesses on a single instance of Magento Commerce is important to our growth.

Peter Mischok
Head of IT, Igepa group

Pairing of a powerful B2B eCommerce platform and an open source CMS.

To complete Igepa’s upgrade and tie their separate units together, Magento Solution Partner TechDivision paired Magento Commerce with open source CMS platform TYPO3. This created the seamless brand experience between their sites, and also streamlined ordering, reduced their development costs, and gave them a flexible base for future development.

B2B eCommerce - Igepa

Other features implemented:

  • ERP integration including the mapping of all order-relevant workflows and processes
  • Excel import interface for data enrichment
  • Search function within the order history, providing the delivery notes and invoice documents from the internal document management system

High performance in B2B eCommerce environment.

All nine of Igepa’s new sites were launched just six months after the project began in March of 2014. The result is a high-performing website with Magento and TYPO3 CMS optimally combined in a B2B eCommerce environment. Igepa is pleased with the results including:

B2B eCommerce - Igepa

  • 120% increase in site performance and scalability of the portal
  • Easy-to-use and effective interaction
  • High-quality, localized representation of the product portfolio