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Carrier Enterprise Created a Cool B2B eCommerce Experience with Magento

Air-conditioning giant Carrier Enterprise needed to streamline their B2B eCommerce. Using Magento, they launched a convenient shopping experience across all devices and sales centers.
B2B eCommerce - Carrier Enterprise
+300% Online Transactions
+250% Daily Online Sales
100% Boost in Online Sales

The air-conditioning giant needed to streamline their B2B eCommerce.

In 1902, Willis Carrier designed the first modern air-conditioning system, launching an industry that would fundamentally improve the way we live, work, and play. Over the past 100 years, Carrier Enterprise (CE) has become a global pioneer and leading distributor of the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC) industry. Today, CE is a one-stop shop for HVAC equipment, parts, and supplies, as well as knowledge and expertise.

B2B eCommerce - Carrier Enterprise

The company was successfully managing more than 200 physical stores, but with the industry migrating towards online shopping, they needed to turn the heat up on their digital strategy. CE needed to develop a B2B eCommerce website for online shopping and simplify the buying process for their contractor customers.

Selecting a robust Magento-powered eCommerce platform allowed us to quickly scale to unprecedented online sales growth. It was the one cost-effective and flexible choice, able to adapt to our many B2B distribution requirements and integrate into our digital ecosystem.

Vincent Mugavero
Director Digital Commerce, Carrier Enterprise

A centralized, mobile-friendly B2B eCommerce experience.

CE set about reinventing their digital experience for B2B customers. With a database that included over 300,000 SKUs, they needed a robust B2B eCommerce platform to house this vast amount of HVAC product information. The brand also wanted to expedite their order fulfillment process for more than 200,000 of their B2B customers, and to streamline more than seven million annual transactions for better efficiency. They chose Magento for its industry-leading flexibility.

B2B eCommerce - Carrier Enterprise

CE worked closely with Magento Solution Partner Perficient to build a B2B eCommerce experience on Magento Commerce. To expedite their fulfillment process, the brand began with a complex integration of their Product Information Management (PIM) with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In centralizing data from several regional sites, CE now provides accurate stock and pricing information to buyers, and ensures timely delivery of parts and equipment to contractors. The B2B eCommerce experience was enhanced with the following additional features: Quick Order Pad, online/pickup in preferred store, manage/share order templates, self-service super/sub-account management with order approval workflows, multi-warehouse management for calculating price and shipping time, and customer-specific payment and shipping methods. With Magento, the new B2B eCommerce site has the flexibility and efficiency contractors need to order products via any device, including mobile, and pick up orders at the sales center or physical location of their choice.

In nine months, online B2B eCommerce transactions increased 300 percent.

Using Magento, CE launched a flexible, convenient shopping experience across all devices and sales center locations. Thanks to the improved customer experience, their contractors complete more jobs per week than ever before. In the nine months following the launch, daily online sales increased by 2.5 times and online transactions tripled. As the digital market heats up, with Magento, CE has made sure their B2B sales never cool off.