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B2B: How Obramax Built a Brazilian Business with Magento

When looking for the perfect eCommerce platform to launch their Brazilian business, Adeo Group decided Magento was the perfect platform on which to extend their omnichannel vision internationally.
20,000+ SKUs
30% Sales Through Magento
21,000+ Online Customers

A South American Business from Scratch?

Adeo Group is the largest retailer of building materials in Europe and the third largest in the world, but they’re not stopping yet. The French conglomerate is expanding fast into other territories. In 2017, Adeo Group planned to open a new kind of shopping experience in Brazil. Operating as Obramax the new concept would fully integrate their successful physical and online hardware stores, designed to serve consumers, small businesses, and mid-sized constructions contractors. Their vision was to revolutionize the shopping experience for Brazilian B2B and B2C customers by making it easier to find the right power drill or cement for their construction projects.

B2B eCommerce - Obramax

When looking for the perfect eCommerce platform to launch their Brazilian business, Adeo Group looked to their European operation, where their Bricoman brand is run on Magento Commerce. They decided Magento was the perfect platform on which to extend their omnichannel vision internationally. The modular nature of the platform and the vast array of extensions available in the Magento Marketplace would give them the power to create an eCommerce store tailored to the needs of the Brazilian market while delivering a novel experience to the region.

Magento helped us to create the first omnichannel experience for selling construction goods in Brazil. Our customers now have a way to buy what they need exactly the way they want, whenever they want.

Hubert Desmarest
Chief Information and Organization Officer, Obramax

Modular and flexible foundation for growth

The Obramax strategy was to create three sales channels via the new Magento platform: eCommerce, assisted sales, and telesales. Assisted sales is favored by smaller companies who need help ordering quick deliveries of selected items while in-store and telesales are used by larger contractors with more complicated orders and quotes. Telesales customers also have different payment options available and can even choose to “click and collect” products, or have them delivered to the job site.

Integrations with several different backend systems helped to power the Obramax shopping experience, ensuring that customers and sales reps see the right products, pricing, and order status. Magento connected to SAP for order status, inventory, and customer credit and invoices. It also connected to Salesforce for customer information, and to Akeneo for products, category attributes, and images. To support their omnichannel strategy, the team implemented Wyomind Advanced Inventory to manage stock across physical and online stores.

B2B eCommerce - Obramax

With Magento, professional contractors can create multiple wishlists to help generate quotes on more complex projects, comprising products from different categories, like electrical, plumbing and fire suppression systems. They can even share their Obramax wishlist with their client who can make modifications to the order before adding the items to their cart. The sale can be completed online, in-store, or via the telesales team.

Next, Obramax enhanced their search and filtering capabilities using the Algolia Instant Search extension, helping their customers to easily find the right product. And when they purchase, customers can schedule delivery dates directly online or with a sales associate. There is a vast array of payment options in Brazil, so the team created the first omnichannel credit line to allow customers to pay however they want, including Boleto, Visa Electron, debit/credit cards, and more, across all three sales channels. They use token authentication to ensure the security of purchases with the credit line.

A global platform that works locally

Magento Commerce was the perfect tool for the job facing Obramax. The modular architecture enabled the brand to easily create what their Brazilian customers needed: an omnichannel credit line, a customized checkout process, and multiple wishlists, all integrated with existing backend systems to ensure a consistent, personal, and accurate experience. The Magento Marketplace was the go-to source for complex capabilities including multiple stock lists, customer shipping table rates, and payment gateways.

B2B eCommerce - Obramax

Now customers can begin and end their shopping experience wherever and whenever they want: instore, online or with a sales associate on the phone. Thanks to Magento, the brand can analyze every touch point and understand different behaviors by channel. Ultimately, Magento and Obramax built an omnichannel experience for both consumer and wholesale customers on a single platform. After nine months, the site has processed more than 17,000 orders for more than 21,000 customers. Following the success of that opening, Obramax will launch its second store in Brazil in early 2019.