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B2B Sales Done Your Way: Magento & QSL for Burger King

QSL for Burger King® needed a B2B eCommerce platform with high performance and scalability to handle customized order processes. Magento provided a flexible B2B sales solution that integrated into their order platform.
B2B Sales - QSL for Burger King
1,000+ Orders at Peak Hours
700+ Branches Integrated
6 Months Implementation Time

Burger King tasked QSL with replacing their outdated order platform.

Full service logistics firm Meyer Quick Service Logistik (QSL) supplies the needs of 1,200+ franchise restaurants including Burger King®, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Starbucks. From purchasing supplies and stock storage to inventory distribution and billing, QSL manages the entire logistics process.

B2B Sales - QSL for Burger King

In 2014, Burger King® and QSL wanted to set a new industry standard in the organization of B2B sales logistics processes. With over 700 branches and 1,800 daily franchise orders, Burger King® needed a platform with high performance and scalability to handle customized order processes with robust B2B sales functionality.

Thanks to the smooth operation and high usability of Magento, the acceptance of the new B2B solution is outstanding. Furthermore, we can handle the orders of Burger King® much more efficiently.

Oliver Jäger
Project Manager

Magento orchestrated the entire process, from order to delivery.

QSL tapped Magento Solution Partner NETZ98 to develop a central B2B sales order platform for Burger King based on Magento Commerce. netz98 integrated the Magento eCommerce platform with the restaurant chain’s tour planning system, which provides detailed logistics and time management information for the entire delivery processes from order to delivery. This involved creating a bi-directional interface between the B2B eCommerce platforms and the product management system.

B2B Sales - QSL for Burger King

Furthermore, netz98 developed the order platform as a multi-client enabled, multi-store platform which was also adaptable to other forms of system catering. An intuitive user operation shortened the training times for new users and helped to prevent errors. In addition, netz98 included extensive back-end access for helpdesk applications and easier support.

The new B2B Sales solution was up and working in just six months.

Based on Magento Commerce, the flexible B2B sales logistic solution smoothly integrated into the Burger King® central order management platform. “Whether time, quality or budget, netz98 convinced us in all aspects, said Oliver Jäger, Project Manager at QSL. “The project was well-prepared and realized without any delay.”

B2B Sales - QSL for Burger King

The portal secured a reliable order and delivery system Germany-wide, resulting in 1,000+ orders at peak hours, 700 connected branches, 5,000 products with customized prices, all within a six-month implementation period. The solution set a new industry standard for B2B logistics excellence at Burger King Germany.