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How Lecot Built a Powerful B2B Sales Experience

With 2,000,000 SKUs and 200,000 customers, the Belgian construction giant Lecot needed a serious B2B Sales eCommerce site. See how Magento delivered extraordinary growth.
x2 Monthly Online Revenue
+75% Online Sales
+11% Average Order Value

Two million SKUs, 200,000 customers, one B2B Sales site.

In the Belgian construction industry, one name towers above the rest. Lecot distributes hardware, fixtures, tools, and personal protective equipment, and over 150 years it has built a business boasting 600 employees, 50+ stores, and a database of over 200,000 customers. Like all good constructions, the company knew a good foundation was critical. They built their first e-commerce website using an in-house .net implementation, which delivered basic ordering functionality. But it was far from the dynamic eCommerce platform they needed to dominate the B2B sales horizon.

B2B Sales - Lecot

Like many businesses embarking on a digital regeneration, Lecot wanted to improve their B2B customer experience and boost online sales. They planned their project carefully, with three focused strategies: first, they would make their products easier to find. Second, they would give their B2B customers better account management capabilities, and finally, they would enable customer-specific pricing. The Global Elite Solution Partner, Vaimo, knew that Magento Commerce could deliver these capabilities and more.

The key to digital transformation is having the right people at the table at the right point in the process. With Magento Commerce we have the expertise and capabilities we need to keep moving forward.

Breght Evens
eCommerce Manager, Lecot

Taking B2B Sales commerce to the next level.

To improve product visibility, the team started by implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system to tightly integrate with their existing ERP system. A new InRiver PIM system manages over two million SKUs ranging from door closers and hinges to welding masks and washing machines. The system feeds rich product content to their Magento e-commerce site, and to their warehouse management system and business intelligence tools. Using this new PIM system, Lecot can now create product files for architects and builders who need detailed products specs, images, and even barcodes.

Next, they restructured the website, reducing 16 layers to just four, while mapping 300,000 products to 4,500 categories to make them easier to find. As search was such a critical consideration, Lecot integrated the Klevu search extension. Now, pricing immediately appears in search results, and when customers log in they can see custom pricing.

B2B Sales - Lecot

Expanding their B2B sales account management capabilities would take the business to the next level. With User Roles, their customers can control what each user can see and do on the site. This includes which channels they can order from, what products they can order, pricing visibility, and which quick order lists they can access to help with repeat orders. Users can also easily switch between accounts to purchase for different departments or projects.

In order to provide the best possible price to their customer, Lecot implemented complex pricing rules built around customer groups and volume pricing tiers. These also take into account special promotional offers. For example, if there is a promotional price on an air compressor that is higher than a customer’s price, then the price will default to the lower standard price. Changes in promotional pricing and changes from their 1,700+ suppliers are now reflected on the site in real-time. Meanwhile, Magento constantly checks with the AS400 ERP system in the background to ensure the customer always gets the right price.

Online revenue from B2B sales has doubled.

The new B2B experience was a refreshing change for Lecot customers. Their loyal customers and the company's customer support staff can track online and offline orders directly from their Magento account. For contractors who are onsite and waiting for a shipment of doors or window frames, they can easily see a complete view of their orders and when they'll arrive, saving them a call to Lecot customer support team. Customers can also select future order dates to help them better manage onsite logistics, and help Lecot better manage inventory. And if they need to, customers can even see where a certain product is located within a store location.

B2B Sales - Lecot

Since launching the new site, Lecot has seen monthly revenue more than double. The number of online users has increased almost tenfold. The innovative new B2B site has given sales reps a new way to engage customers, and they can easily walk them through the sales process via tablets, with full visibility of their account and inventory. In fact, sales reps now have access to the entire product catalog, including product specs, details, images, and more, allowing for a more informed sales experience.

These new online capabilities have also allowed Lecot to expand their B2B sales to window and door factories across the Netherlands, a new market where they previously did not sell online. Overall, the company has increased turnover in this business unit by 10 percent this year – without adding incremental resources. With Magento Commerce, they now delight their B2B customer, while boosting their growth and bottom line.