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How Material Bank Created an Innovative B2B Experience

The design company’s cutting edge eCommerce website is powered by Magento.
Material Bank
+200% Client onboarding target in month 1
+350% Vendor sourcing target in month 1
10m Data points

A platform with a difference

Launched by SANDOW, the New York-based publishing and design solutions company, Material Bank empowers architects and designers to find the perfect materials from hundreds of manufacturers, in just seconds. Their unique selling point is simple: Samples ordered by midnight (EST) are delivered via FedEx the next morning in a single box. Samples can be returned at any time and reused, rather than recycled, eliminating waste. And most importantly this service is free.

B2B Sales - Material Bank

To power this unique platform, Material Bank chose Magento Commerce for its dynamic APIs and open architecture, which represented the best go-to-market solution. SANDOW also settled on Magento Commerce for its community. “Magento allows us to scale by giving us access to a partner ecosystem and a network of developers all over the world, who can hit the ground running with our platform.” said Peter Fain, COO of Material Bank. He added: “The extreme flexibility of the platform allowed us to mold it into our vision.”

“We love Magento. Magento Commerce is at the center of it all, powering our customers' experiences.”

Peter Fain,
COO, Material Bank

Innovation without limits

Material Bank’s solution partner, Something Digital, integrated their custom-built ERP, connecting a series of complex custom components while refining a set of user features never done before attempted with Magento Commerce. Material Bank chose to host their platform on AWS Cloud, with an in-house devops and engineering team. Something Digital provides ongoing site development and strategic engineering efforts to ensure quality. Fain said: “The Magento partner network has been instrumental for us. We found Something Digital and they provided us the engineering roadmap to launch our initial Beta. With their help, and others in the ecosystem, we were able to leverage best practices and complete the delivery of our vision.”

B2B Sales - Material Bank

Material Bank used mostly custom-developed components and implemented Searchspring for site search, catalog display, and custom display elements specific to their B2B audience. Meanwhile, the entire frontend is a customized Angular app. Materialbank.com is built on Magento Commerce 2, and offers lightning-fast search, beautiful imagery, and clean and comprehensive data.

A groundbreaking eCommerce solution

“The UI and UX are ground-breaking and strongly represent our brand,” said Fain. “We could not have done this with any other platform. Magento allows us to continue to evolve because we can quickly iterate.”

B2B Sales - Material Bank

Having access to the core of Magento was fundamental for the success of the project, and their customers are raving about the service: "You have truly revolutionized the design industry," wrote one customer. "What would have taken me days to pull off I accomplished within the matter of 18 hours.”