How MasonJars.Com Built an Online Marketplace with Magento

With Magento Commerce, MasonJars.Com was able to create an intuitive marketplace for their B2B2C customers.
B2B2C - Mason Jars Marketplace
+50% B2B Users
+97% B2B Revenue
+2.54% B2B Conversion Rate

The crafty company had outgrown their old platform.

One day in 2011, Karen Rzepecki tried to find a storage solution for her homemade salad dressing. She wanted to “shake, pour, and store” her dressing all from the same mason jar. When she couldn’t find a lid with a pour cap, Rzepecki, a mom and engineer, decided to make her own. She invented a reusable mason jar lid called ‘The Original reCAP,’ which turns the classic mason jar into a spill-proof water bottle, dressing dispenser, cereal container, or even a candy jar. But Rzepecki didn’t stop there. She decided to launch a new company focused on allowing inventors like her to sell their creative solutions for mason jars.

B2B2C - Mason Jars Marketplace

Rzepecki quickly discovered a like-minded community. There was Margaret of Bloom Displays who turns mason jars into creative cupcake centerpieces, or Andrew from Bison Hill Stonecrafts who recycles roofing slate into beautiful serving platters and cheese boards. Rzepecki created an online community called Mason Jars MakerPlace. This curated global marketplace allowed anyone to promote and sell their wares, from meal prep jars for the family bunny, to skull and crossbones rolling pins, to homemade kombucha kits. Soon the business was attracting larger, wholesale orders from B2B buyers.

MasonJars.com had outgrown their first eCommerce platform. BigCommerce was great for a mom and pop operation, but Rzepecki needed support for epic growth. She needed to develop an intuitive marketplace for both B2C and B2B customers. In 2017 MasonJars.com team made the decision to upgrade to Magento Commerce (Cloud).

We are so excited to offer our customers a better shopping experience and reward them with loyalty points for their purchases.

Karen Rzepecki
CEO, MasonJars.com

B2B and B2C capabilities in one powerful platform.

The objective was to establish Mason Jars MakerPlace as a multi-seller marketplace that was scalable, agile, and user-friendly for buyers, sellers, and wholesalers. Kadro, a Magento Professional Solution Partner, helped them build a full-featured marketplace enabling sellers to connect with buyers, while establishing an easy-to-use wholesaler online experience. Magento Commerce Cloud delivered the essential building blocks they needed: B2C and B2B capabilities, multisite functionality, and a host of marketplace extensions.

B2B2C - Mason Jars Marketplace

Sellers, for example, wanted a branded presence on the site. They needed to manage the entire customer experience, including searching and ordering, payment processing, sales tax, and fulfillment. The flexibility of content management with Magento allows sellers to craft their own, individual seller page, create inspirational content to boost sales, and enable user-generated content to leverage the power of their community. Detailed “Get Inspired” pages feature how-to videos for making Grandma's sweet refrigerator pickles, and a tutorial for kids about raising butterflies. Magento makes it easy for the customer to add products featured in a video straight to the cart, and registered users can also share their creative hacks with the community. Meanwhile, in the “Share Your Creations” section, users can upload photos of their peppermint sugar scrub, or their mason jar herb garden.

Vnecom provided the multi-seller functionality, allowing new sellers to sign-up for approval, upload, and manage their products, order management, and fulfillment. Kadro’s customized marketplace extensions enabled feature sellers, feature products by seller, seller stories, seller bios, and seller reward points. Additional B2B features were developed for handling applications from new wholesalers, including credit approval, multiple payment terms, ordering by PO, auto-invoicing POs, and managing customer groups. The site also empowers each seller to have their own Shipstation account for managing fulfillment, payouts to Stripe sub-accounts, and management of their own sales tax nexus, via the Avalara AvaTax extension.

Epic B2B results.

“The feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive,” Rzepecki said. MasonJars.com can now deliver B2C and B2B experiences based on their customers’ unique needs. Meanwhile, Rzepecki and her team now has visibility to wholesale metrics, and can use that data to provide a personalized experience for buyers and sellers.

B2B2C - Mason Jars Marketplace

The results are undeniable: Since their launch in mid-June of 2018, the brand has gained 50 percent more B2B users, increased their B2B revenue by 97 percent, and saw their conversion rate rise by 2.54 percent. In Magento Commerce, Rzepecki had found a kindred spirit: a vast ecosystem of innovators and problem solvers, just like her own. Like Rzepecki and her salad dressing jar, it is the Magento Community’s unwritten mantra that if it doesn’t exist, we can create it together.