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Best eCommerce Sites Atlanta Hawks Score a Slam Dunk with Magento

The Atlanta Hawks Shop had a customer experience vision, and the flexibility of Magento's eCommerce platform helped them beat the buzzer.
Best eCommerce Sites - Atlanta Hawks
Highest eCommerce Sales Year on Record
7 Million Impressions & 12% Conversion Rate
+150% Gross Sales (YoY)

For one of the best eCommerce Sites, this extraordinary team had an underperforming platform.

The Atlanta Hawks are an NBA basketball team committed to making their fans proud, building a culture of inclusion, diversity, and innovation. This dedicated fandom has resulted in five consecutive years of record-breaking online sales for the team’s eCommerce site, Between the 2011/12 and 2015/16 NBA seasons, the Atlanta Hawks’ eCommerce gross sales have increased over 1100 percent.

Best eCommerce Sites - Atlanta Hawks

With sales growing and site traffic peaking during Hawks games, the website needed to function at its best on game day. But the business was struggling with slow website performance. The Hawks Shop was having coding issues, making it difficult to accurately track marketing investments. The site also lacked product and category flexibility, responsive design, and mobile friendly content. If they didn’t make an improvement right away, the Hawks’ platform would keep them on the bench. That’s when they decided to make a move to Magento and create one of the best eCommerce Sites.

We chose Magento because of the integration extension, allowing our Retail Pro POS system and Magento Open Source site to successfully collaborate with each other.

Scott Dumais
Manager, Hawks Shop

Magento flexibility helped the Hawks fly higher than ever and create one of the best eCommerce sites.

The decision to switch to Magento was not difficult for Hawks Shop. They already knew that Magento was one of a highly-regarded eCommerce platforms among their professional sports peers. And since painless integration of technology solutions was important to Hawks Shop, Magento was a slam dunk.

Best eCommerce Sites - Atlanta Hawks

With Magento, the extensions they needed were in the palm of their hand. The Hawks Shop integrated One Step Checkout and the Moneybookers payment gateway to streamline the checkout process and improve the omnichannel experience. A Live Chat module was implemented to engage with buyers directly. And to improve site performance during peak traffic, they added Zend Framework.

Most importantly, to create one of the best eCommerce sites, the Hawks Shop need to unify their business and make it one efficient operation. They turned to technology provider 24Seven Commerce for an extension to easily sync their Retail Pro POS system to sync with Magento Open Source. The integration of the 24Seven Channel Manager helped to pull the vision for a best eCommerce site together and bring it up to professional league standards. Customers could now easily navigate the site with improved product tagging and search features, and enjoy the swiftness of mobile shopping with one-page checkout.

The Hawks Shop used the improved customer experience to leverage a digital marketing campaign for a limited edition collaboration jersey with the artist 2 Chainz. The demand for the collaborative jersey was generated through a series of targeted digital and social media campaigns, and resulted in pre-sale and in-arena sell out of the product.

The highest eCommerce sales year on record achieved with one of the best eCommerce sites. relaunched in February 2013. From first stages to launch, the implementation took just eight weeks. Two years after the site’s relaunch, visits and gross sales have increased 150 percent year-over-year.

Best eCommerce Sites - Atlanta Hawks

With Magento, the club became the worldwide leader of official and unique Hawks merchandise and inventory, providing fans with the best of the Atlanta Hawks brand through their eCommerce site. The open source code and a a large number of Magento features have allowed the brand to react quickly to sales increases and follow popular trends to grow their business.