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Best eCommerce Sites Inside Pierre Fabre’s Major Magento Upgrade

Pierre Fabre is the third-largest pharmaceutical laboratory in France. After migrating all four of their brands to Adobe, they were rewarded with one of the best eCommerce sites.
Best eCommerce Sites - Pierre Fabre
+20% Conversion Rate
+15% New Customers
+10% Average Order Value

The French pharmaceutical company invested in the future.

Pierre Fabre Laboratories are the second largest dermo-cosmetics laboratory in the world and the second largest private French pharmaceutical group. Pierre Fabre’s products are created for everyone including men, women, and children; whether they are in good health or ill. The company offers a wide-range of products from specialty prescriptions for dermatitis or pediatric hemangioma, to everyday products to improve the skin, hair, and scalp. The success of Pierre Fabre is built on its relationships with partners, and with 13,000 employees worldwide and hundreds of patents, all Pierre Fabre products have one thing in common: they contribute to people’s overall well-being.

Best eCommerce Sites - Pierre Fabre

As an existing Magento customer, Pierre Fabre knew the platform well, and confidently selected Magento Commerce (cloud) as the platform to take them into the future. The goal was to upgrade from their current Magento instance to more easily manage its multiple brands, Avène USA, Glytone USA, Klorane USA, and René Furterer USA, on a shared core infrastructure. The benefit of Magento is that they would still be able to completely customize the experience of each site to suit the brand personality and needs of its customers.

Magento has allowed us to develop high performing, detailed, and custom enterprise level sites for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Jeffrey Petrosillo
VP Digital, Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique

New features that boost sales.

Pierre Fabre tasked their Professional Solution Partner, The Plum Tree Group, to improve the online shopping experience of their flagship sites. Originally on Magento Commerce 1, the upgrade to Magento Commerce (cloud) would improve site performance and the stability required by increased traffic and repeat customers. New capabilities would also improve the overall customer experience for Pierre Fabre’s B2C and B2B customers. On the backend, the Magento Commerce 2 API optimizes order management, shipments, inventory updates, fulfillment, catalog maintenance, and pricing across all four brands, and ensures an efficient workflow across the complete order management lifecycle.

Best eCommerce Sites - Pierre Fabre

Leveraging the vast Magento ecosystem and Plum Tree’s expertise, Pierre Fabre added unique elements throughout the consumer journey to boost sales. Rich content, including video storytelling throughout the sites, created more engaging and better performing product pages. Customers can add free samples of shampoo, moisturizers, or sunscreen to their carts throughout their shopping journey, or samples are automatically added on the checkout page, which features both PayPal and Amazon Pay to increase consumer confidence. When purchasing their favorite dry shampoo or medicated skin cream, complementary product regimes can be added directly to the cart. All products now come with the option for auto-replenishment, including discounts to encourage subscriptions. Notifications inform customers when they are a few dollars away from free shipping, encouraging additional sales to qualify for the offer.

Best eCommerce Sites - Pierre Fabre

For their physician partners, a comprehensive portal was developed to help them manage their accounts, including product orders, shipping, pricing, and more – all within the same Magento Commerce (cloud) instance. Meanwhile, a Store and Physician locator helps both customers and providers make meaningful connections based on location and product availability.

The investment really paid off.

After successfully migrating all fours brands, the results were impressive. Magento Commerce (cloud) delivered highly functional and engaging sites with performance up 30 percent year-over-year. The new designs allowed the team to get much more granular with visual details and content that delivered a high-end brand experience, resulting in a 10 percent increase in Average Order Value. Meanwhile, the enhancements to the customer journey increased conversion rates by 20 percent. For a company that reinvests up to 14 percent of its pharmaceutical turnover in research and development, finding the right eCommerce platform was an investment that really paid off.