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Best eCommerce Sites Soak.NL Revolutionized Their Online Business in 4 Months

In just four months, the Dutch bathroom retailer, Soak.NL, revolutionized their eCommerce experience and boosted their conversion rate over 50%
Best eCommerce Sites - Soak
4 Months to Launch
+47% Mobile Traffic
+50% Conversion Rates

Fast, scalable, and efficient.

The Dutch bathroom retailer, Soak.NL, offers consumers everything they need to order, build, and install the perfect bathroom. As a purely online business, their strategy is to offer great products at great prices, and super service for customers in The Netherlands. The relatively young company is owned in part by Ferguson PLC., a UK-based specialty distributor of plumbing and heating products. Ferguson realized that new eCommerce platforms could enable them to boost their growth and generate higher revenues while delivering an excellent customer experience. To create and launch a new best eCommerce site in record time, Soak chose the Netherlands-based Magento Enterprise Partner, Guapa, to build their site on Magento Commerce.

Best eCommerce Sites - Soak

Soak and Guapa focused on defining the minimal viable product and getting it to market as quickly as possible. There were three elements at the heart of the design and development of the new eCommerce website: delivering a mobile friendly website experience across the board, ensuring speed and scalability of the eCommerce platform, and enabling integration and customization of required functionality including ERP, warehouse management, MailPlus, Robin HQ, and more.

We were looking for a technology platform and partner with the same ambitions as we have. They needed to be fast, scalable, and efficient, not wasting money in features we will not use. After a long search, we found just that with Magento Commerce and Guapa.

Bas ten Kate
BubbleMaster, Soak

A revolutionized customer experience.

The team worked hard to ensure that all features and functionally made it easier for customers to buy everything from a replacement toilet drain to a new washbasin, or even a complete bathroom. By using product labels, customers could see all relevant information about a specific washbasin on the product page, and add it directly to their cart. Then, using a “complete my set” feature within the checkout process, the customer is offered discounts on a complete set of complementary products like cabinets and mirrors. As their cart fills with bathtubs, tub drains and plugs, the system tracks their cart value towards free-shipping, encouraging incremental purchases.

Best eCommerce Sites - Soak

Many customers looking for an entire bathroom makeover work with contractors on the installation. So Soak built a customized “share your cart” Magento features to allow users to share their cart with a contractor. The contractor can confirm the order is complete, or edit the cart while not overriding the original cart contents. If the customer provides their email, Soak sends automated reminders if their order is not completed within a given time frame, reducing cart abandonment. To ensure the installation is completed properly, Soak can even automatically add the instruction manuals to the order.

Everything they needed in 4 months.

Soak launched their Magento eCommerce site in just four months. The immediate impact was significant, with a significant increase in mobile traffic and conversion rate. The new Soak site also saves the team countless hours across order management, customer service, product management, and marketing.

Best eCommerce Sites - Soak

The new site also delivered on the goal of improving the customer experience. Customers researching on their tablets enjoy a mobile friendly website experience that directly translates to their desktop experience. Customers buying a high value, high consideration product like a fully-kitted bathroom like to checkout on desktops, Soak discovered.

Bas, who has the enviable job title of “Bubblemaster” at Soak, can relax in the tub knowing that their customers are happy, their site is performing fast and sales are rising, qualifying them as having one of the best eCommerce sites. Ferguson is now looking to the Soak project as the basis for their overall European expansion efforts.