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Audio Advice Amplifies their In-Store Customer Experience into an Online Success

Discover how Audio Advice amplified their in-store customer experience and boosted online traffic by 220% with the Magento platform and personalization.
220% Increase in Traffic
Attracting Exclusive Brands
High Average Order Value

Audio Advice wanted to target Millennials with a unique online customer experience.

Audio Advice are experts in all things high-end audio and home technology. It’s the kind of place you go when you want something special, but aren’t sure how to make it happen. Their stunning showrooms have been around for 40 years, and are the foundation of their loyal customer base. The industry is steadily growing and they had plans for expansion, but the question was how? Should they add another retail store, or build out an eCommerce website to reach a broader audience?

Customer Experience - Audio Advice

If Audio Advice were going to expand, they needed to be different. They found themselves competing on Google for product listing ads and paid search, and with Amazon on price and convenience, both online and in-store. The goal was to provide curated product recommendations and a great customer experience based on their knowledge and service, but for a national audience. Delivering a simple, engaging commerce and product-oriented site, they realized they could target Millennials who prefer to learn and shop online.

With the decision to go “all in” on an eCommerce strategy, Audio Advice General Manager Jonathan Stephens and his team devised a plan. First, they partnered with Kadro, a Magento Professional Solutions Partner. The company knew they wanted to build their site from the ground up using the best technology. With excellent scalability and the ability to leverage its open source community for additional features, the platform they chose was Magento.

We saw an opportunity to bring this same level of experience and expertise to a wider audience.

Jonathan Stephens
General Manager of Audio Advice Online

Magento provided the tools to create personalization and meaningful experiences.

The open source nature of Magento impressed the Audio Advice team with the flexibility it offers to provide personalization and highly customized experiences. It also allowed them to get to market fast and leapfrog their competition. They designed the site using both out-of-box functionality and the many Magento extensions available in the marketplace. Then they utilized a number of front and back-end extensions such as inventory management, shipping, retention marketing, and analytics to build the exact system they needed.

Personalization - Audio Advice

Next, the team needed to translate the feeling their customers experience in store into a seamless digital experience. Leveraging the personalization capabilities of Magento, they built a “Sound Profile” based on customer’s music preferences and listening habits. The profile is used to provide personalized product recommendations, and effortlessly create customer accounts. The integrated cross-sell and up-sell capabilities made the profile actionable and helped to drive significant incremental sales.

Customers love to compare products. So Audio Advice launched their new Comparison Tool, based on a product data feed that pulls from hundreds of attributes. “Our team built an exhaustive list of product attributes which we use to make recommendations that reflect what our customers have told us they care about.” The flexibility of the Magento platform enables the team to take their idea and — in rock music parlance — dial it up to 11. Now the brand’s online experience reflects the in-store customer experience and gives customers the personal level of service for which Audio Advice is famous.

Magento enabled Audio Advice to deliver industry-leading customer experience to a new audience.

After an eight-month design and development cycle, the site went live on November 1, 2016. The response immediately exceeded all expectations: In the first two months, the company saw a 220 percent increase in traffic. While they didn’t have an eCommerce website previously, an initial average order value of $530 has outperformed their projections and delivered a positive return on their investment.

Personalization - Audio Advice

The website design, functionality, and experience of the new eCommerce site has opened new business opportunities. While suppliers weren’t looking for more resellers, they were looking for new customers. The new eCommerce site offers expert product curation and a unique customer experience that Millennials love. As a result, Audio Advice is now able to offer high profile brands that typically limit their online distribution to select retailers. The launch has also drastically increased the enterprise value of their business.

No one else in our industry is doing anything as sophisticated as this.

Jonathan Stephens
General Manager of Audio Advice Online