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EGLO paves the way for the future with Magento Commerce

Flexibility, scalability and e-commerce functionalities for each country at the touch of a button
EGLO paves the way for the future with Magento Commerce
+40% in Google rankings
15 country clients
in 12 months
110 category pages

EGLO hopes to increase brand awareness with its own B2C brand

EGLO has been offering contemporary lighting solutions for use in all areas for around 50 years. The EGLO Group, based in Pill, Tyrol, includes around 70 companies in over 50 countries worldwide and production sites in Hungary, China and India. These plants collectively produce more than 80,000 lights per day. EGLO luminaires feature contemporary design, a high level of functionality and affordable prices and are always geared towards the customer's requirements.

EGLO paves the way for the future with Magento Commerce

There’s a good chance that a home or workplace will contain lights made by EGLO. Yet very few people have heard of the manufacturer. To change this and increase market awareness of the brand, EGLO contacted Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner TechDivision. Options for an independent EGLO B2C brand were examined in joint strategy workshops, and in the end the company decided in favour of this. The next step was to develop a digital strategy for the next few years, as part of which it was decided that the existing websites and portals would gradually be replaced. Rather than a conventional content management system, EGLO decided right from the start to opt for the e-commerce platform Magento Commerce, as this would offer the necessary flexibility and scalability as well as allowing the addition of e-commerce functionalities. At the same time, Magento Commerce also comes with the integrated PageBuilder, a very powerful tool that can be used to create and update landing pages, themes, etc. with no programming experience using Drag & Drop. A variety of predefined components are available for this, such as sliders, picture galleries and much more. The open source model also allows components that are not present to be added at any time or existing components to be adapted to the requirements in each case.

Magento Commerce provides us with the technological basis to bring EGLO products to end customers in our virtual shop window. However, we also value the flexibility it gives us to activate e-commerce functionalities at any time. That enables us to start offering e-commerce services at country level very quickly and without significant additional expenditure, while our customers will enjoy a full customer experience. Magento Commerce is an investment in the future.

Rene Moser
Head of Digital Marketing & E-Commerce at EGLO

Step-by-step introduction of e-commerce features at country level.

Magento Commerce has provided EGLO with a future-proof and scalable platform that in the first step is being used as a virtual shop window. The use of an e-commerce platform (without any concrete plans for an online shop for the time being) makes sense, as it can offer major advantages in the medium and long term. Unlike conventional CMS pages, an e-commerce platform can promote certain products by categorising them appropriately, for example. Functionalities such as (product) filters or corresponding searches are also provided on an out-of-the-box basis.

EGLO paves the way for the future with Magento Commerce

The subject of e-commerce may become relevant at a later stage. It's important to keep this option open. For EGLO, the technological basis has been created with Magento Commerce for a large number of independent country clients, for which e-commerce functionalities will gradually be enabled. To allow external systems to be connected to the platform quickly and reliably and large volumes of data to be exchanged without errors, Pacemaker and Bloodstream are also used as flexible middleware components developed and supported by TechDivision. Akeneo-PIM has been implemented as a central platform for product management, as well maintained and structured product data forms the basis for successful e-commerce and a consistent customer experience across all sales channels.

Considerably enhanced visibility on Google and significant increase in traffic

Magento Commerce enables EGLO to establish its own B2C brand on the market and further increase awareness of EGLO. The scalable and flexible Magento platform provides a future-proof basis for activating e-commerce functionalities well beyond its use as a virtual shop window. The project can already be seen to be having an effect, with considerably improved visibility in search engines and a significant increase in traffic.

EGLO paves the way for the future with Magento Commerce

The Google ranking improved by 40% within the first six months. 11 virtual shop windows were also launched in the first year, with an impressive, modern design geared towards the user. It will be possible to onboard further country clients at very little expense. A total of 110 category pages have so far been designed and more than 60 new category keywords have been placed in Google rankings.