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How Hallhuber is driving its online growth by switching to Magento 2

Magento has delivered a mobile-friendly website with cross-channel integration for the German fashion retailer HALLHUBER, which has several hundred stores.
Fashion eCommerce - Hallhuber
-30% page load time
+10% Mobile Sessions
-1% Bounce Rate

A perfect customer experience across all channels and borders

Hallhuber GmbH is a fashion company based in Munich that has over 400 points of sale in Germany and seven other countries. It offers its customers a range of high-quality, latest fashion trends at attractive prices in a modern shopping environment.

Fashion eCommerce - Hallhuber

Hallhuber faced the challenge of taking an established and well-functioning e-commerce system to a new level and thus laying the foundations for further growth. The switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2, which involved a variety of technical innovations, was intended to offer a new shopping experience. Employees were also to be given more flexibility and options for optimum presentation of products, to enable customers to shop without problems across all touchpoints. The biggest challenge lay in the enormous complexity caused by the wide range of functions required, the large number of third-party systems and the migration of a large volume of customer data.

The project presented a real challenge due to the fact that an existing portal that was already working very well had to be replaced. However, the figures and feedback show that we got some things right with Magento 2.

Dr. Astrid Jagenberg
Director Marketing & Online Sales, Hallhuber

A responsive online shop with cross-channel integration

The migration of data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was carried out in two steps. First of all, the existing database was converted into a model that is compliant with Magento 2. The Data Migration Tool was used for this, with substantial extensions for the many features of the Hallhuber shop. As only some of the converted data was to be transferred to the new shop, a series of command line commands was implemented for the final migration. On the day of the relaunch, the data was selectively merged with the data already updated in the new Magento 2 shop.

Mobile Friendly - Hallhuber

Hallhuber uses the TB.One software solution from Tradebyte as its central back-end system. The connection is provided via a middleware implemented by Magento's technology partner TechDivision, the open-source M2 Import Framework (M2IF). The interface transfers product data and media to the shop front end and orders from the shop to Tradebyte for further processing. A Magento module from TechDivision called ProcessPipelines allows the shop administrators to view ongoing processes at any time via a graphical interface and thus to intervene immediately in the event of any complications.

A cloud infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with auto-scaling will in future ensure adequate performance even in peak scenarios, offering a pleasant shopping experience. Along with highly available and automatically scalable infrastructure, special attention was paid to the development of numerous individual modules, for example to allow the shop to be displayed on all relevant devices. Comprehensive content management functions have been integrated for this purpose, enabling the seamless merging of content and commerce. Customers can now order products online via Click & Collect and then collect them directly at the point of sale. PAYONE has been integrated as a payment service provider.

Improved performance and conversion rate

The project was realised using agile management methods, to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency at the same time as optimum quality. Daily stand-ups and ongoing exchange between the team and customer allowed the project to be implemented efficiently.

Mobile Friendly - Hallhuber

The successful migration to Magento 2 enabled the new platform to be launched without problems. The new ProcessPipelines module developed by TechDivision allows processes such as data imports to be monitored. There has also been a significant improvement in performance and in the conversion rate. The company plans to implement further modules and features in future.