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Sana Safinaz: 4 Weeks to the Biggest Fashion eCommerce Launch of the Year

The Pakistani leading fashion brand needed a fashion eCommerce store that could handle massive traffic spikes during their busiest time of the year.
30-days Time to Market
-35% Page Load Times
1.7x Orders Increased

A fashion eCommerce website that can handle ‘crazy’ traffic.

For Sana Safinaz, Pakistan’s leading fashion brand, March is the start of the summer season, and the fashion industry’s hectic ‘lawn season.’ ­According to the Hindustan Times: “Lawn is the name Pakistanis use to refer to the brightly colored cotton fabric sold in stitched and unstitched form in a myriad of hues, to an eager set of buyers who will sometimes go to great lengths to get their favourite suit pieces.” During this peak season, shopping malls are overwhelmed with customers. “Compared to normal trading days at our brick and mortar stores, the footfall during collection launches increases 600 percent,” reveals Sana Safinaz’s Haris Ahmed, their Head of Retail Business. You can only imagine the impact of traffic on the brand’s fashion eCommerce website.

Fashion eCommerce - Sana Safinaz

“Our website goes crazy,” says Moeed Ahmed of the Sana Safinaz Digital Business team. “Brand collection launches during the lawn season are met with an abnormal spike in traffic,” adds Tariq Siddiqui, the brand’s Manager of Digital Business. “Across the whole industry it’s rare to find an eCommerce site that has the infrastructure to successfully handle a surge without affecting customer experience.” Adding to their traffic is the fashion company’s regular investment in highly-optimized Google search/adwords campaigns, that generates almost 35 percent of their total traffic. With the spotlight on Sana Safinaz this summer season, and the fashion eCommerce business becoming a high percentage of the company’s total inventory, their fashion eCommerce site had to perform. Oh, and they only had a month before launch. Naturally, they chose Magento Commerce.

After we shifted to Magento, one thing we didn't have to worry about was the website going down.

Moeed Ahmed
Deputy Manager - Digital Business, Sana Safinaz

A no-stress fashion eCommerce solution that saved the day.

Sana Safinaz got to work straight away with their local development partner, Webwork Solution (Pvt.) Ltd. They chose Magento Commerce, so they would never have to worry about servers and traffic spikes again. They also wanted to beat their competition by capitalizing on the rich core Magento features, and its highly effective marketing/segmentation modules. The team broke the project into two phases: Phase one included the “must have” features like order fulfillment and integration with their Point of Sale system. Phase two focused on additional capabilities like social media extensions to generate additional sales through social platforms, along with other site feature deployments.

Fashion eCommerce - Sana Safinaz

With Magento, the Sana Safinaz team spent their time improving site structure and user experience, rather than panicking about IT and site crashes. With a cloud eCommerce solution built on AWS, they knew their new Magento fashion eCommerce site could handle the crazy traffic that was about to hit.

An 87% Spike in Page Views? No problem.

The moment of truth arrived on March 3, 2017. Across Pakistan, the lawn season had begun, and millions of Pakistani women were hustling to buy their ultimate summer outfit. The Sana Safinaz fashion eCommerce site went live, and on the first day it processed more than 5,000 orders. Before Magento Commerce, the most orders ever processed on a single day was 1,000.

As page views increased by 87 percent, their customers were raving on social media: “We were able to place orders so smoothly,” wrote one customer, “Never had this with other brands.”

Adoption of eCommerce platforms in Pakistan has been slower than other parts of the world due to infrastructure issues. Customers can also be distrustful of online payments and delivery. Sana Safinaz is helping to change that. The launch was so successful that it increased the share of digital business in the company’s overall revenue, and redefined Sana Safinaz’s fashion eCommerce strategy.

Fashion eCommerce - Sana Safinaz

The positive customer response is directly tied to the scalability, flexibility, and stability of Magento Commerce, and for Sana Safinaz, the sky is the limit. Today, the brand is experimenting with Magento Business Intelligence to find out more about their customers. They’re implementing an omnichannel solution to integrate their 30 brick-and-mortar stores, and are expanding globally. As Sana Safinaz discovered, with Magento Commerce you don’t fear traffic spikes, you celebrate them.

The response on social media proved our strategy. Customers were able to place their orders and checkout quickly and easily, and most importantly, without issues.

Moeed Ahmed
Deputy Manager - Digital Business, Sana Safinaz