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Fashion eCommerce Retailer Sass & Bide Dress for Success

Australian designer Sass & Bide wanted smoother mobile friendly fashion eCommerce experiences and captivating digital content.
Mobile Friendly - Sass & Bide
+59% Revenue
+65% Transactions
+52% Conversion Rate

Fashion eCommerce needed to be mobile friendly and engaging.

For almost two decades the Australian designer label Sass & Bide has been at the forefront of women’s fashion. Each piece is carefully crafted to represent strength and beauty, but their fashion online shop needed to do the same. They wanted to build on their early successes with Magento to lay a strong foundation for future growth. In addition to a mobile friendly website, they wanted to give a clearer brand focus to their content to drive greater engagement and loyalty. They needed to position their brand for the future.

Mobile Friendly - Sass & Bide

Sass & Bide had a clear vision in mind. The website customer experience needed to be more aligned with the brand’s ethos and style, and they wanted it to be a content destination. Their enthusiastic customers were looking to the site to find content to engage with, so Sass & Bide needed to mix commerce and content to keep them coming back. The brand also knew its customers were highly mobile digital natives engaging across a variety of channels like in-store and social. They also wanted their site to deliver exceptionally fast performance even during promotional periods and the holiday peak season. The eCommerce platform needed improved performance and reliability to withstand this increase in visitors and to allow Sass & Bide to keep up with the fast-pace of the fashion eCommerce industry. With Magento Commerce, they saw an opportunity.

The flexibility regarding customizations, ease of integration with existing systems, adaptability and intuitive CMS made Magento 2.0 the perfect fit.

Eloise Nisbett
eCommerce Manager, Sass & Bide

A beautifully curated and mobile friendly brand experience in fashion eCommerce.

With Magento Commerce and close collaboration with the Magento Solution Partner Netstarter, Sass & Bide found the end-to-end solution they needed for their fashion eCommerce site redesign. The brand knew that they could leverage the performance features of Magento Commerce to reduce the reliance on an expensive infrastructure. Working closely with Netstarter, Sass & Bide ensured that their branding was clearly represented throughout the redesign. From the outset, they took a customer-centric approach to the UX. Results were achieved by conducting UX research including hundreds of customer surveys, dozens of customer phone interviews, development of key customer personas, and the creation of key use cases to ensure their new experience delivered on the expectations of their loyal customers.

Fashion eCommerce - Sass & Bide

The result was a site with responsive design that included new features to address the needs of their target market. Sass & Bide created a more immersive brand experience – lookbooks to showcase their latest collections, a more intuitive mobile friendly site that featured ‘shop the look’ and behind-the-scenes campaigns, and more brand-related content. The website was easily integrated with their POS, ERP, and 3PL through a third-party integration solution. And working with Netstarter/Salmat, Sass & Bide implemented Dotmailer through the pre-built Magento Commerce extension for email marketing campaigns.

An engaging mobile friendly experience for fashion-forward customers.

The brand’s new fashion eCommerce site launched in July 2016 after a four-month build. The response from customers was extremely positive. Prior to launch, the new Magento Commerce 2 website was load-tested against the previous figures achieved by the Magento Commerce 1 version. The new implementation was capable of handling over 10x the traffic of the old site with an even faster server response time. By focusing on a mobile friendly design, Sass & Bide’s mobile conversion rate improved by 85 percent.

Fashion eCommerce - Sass & Bide

Designing a frictionless path to purchase through an optimized checkout process and a mobile-optimized store finder has had a large impact on their mobile dominant customer base. Customers have also enjoyed the behind-the-scenes view through the “Creative World” section and the fashion inspiration found in the “Style Week” section. Brand content increased user engagement, with time spent on the site increasing by a staggering 180 percent. Powered by Magento Commerce, Sass & Bide future-proofed their omnichannel business, and created a flexible mobile commerce platform for customers to experience the brand, wherever they are.