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Flexible, Rugged Ecommerce Site Keeps the Cows Fed

All States Ag Parts’ Sales Revenue Jumps Nearly 40% in the First Month with Magento Commerce.
Flexible, Rugged Ecommerce Site Keeps the Cows Fed
+ 10% lift in conversion
+ 33% increase in transactions
+ 37% revenue jump

Father-and-sons team David, Paul and John Dyke launched All States Ag Parts (A.S.A.P. for short) back in 1998. Since then, they’ve grown into North America’s largest supplier of used, new and remanufactured tractor and combine parts. But keeping farmers up and running is a tough business, and A.S.A.P.’s ecommerce site needed an overhaul.

All States Ag Parts

The company’s huge online catalog—150,000 categories packed with 400,000 items—was hard for customers to search, and long load times were jeopardizing sales. With over a decade of year-over-year growth in both site visitors and inventory, they knew they needed a faster, more user-friendly website that would be powerful enough to meet their customers’ needs. And they wanted better ways to connect with customers and a stronger back end to support the growth ahead.

Marketing director Terry Burkart reached out to solutions integrator Classy Llama. Together they decided to build A.S.A.P.’s new ecommerce site on Magento Commerce, hosted in the cloud, for flexibility, extensibility, and an all-around better digital experience. The robust B2B features in Magento Commerce—like user-level permissions, customer account information, and variable pricing—were a key consideration. After acquiring several companies, A.S.A.P. also needed multi-site capabilities to ensure a unified customer experience across multiple brands, with streamlined management from a single back end.

Building a Site as Hard-Working as the Customers Who Use It

When something stops working on the farm, there’s no time to waste. Burkart puts it into perspective: “If the tractor you use to feed your cows breaks down, how long can you go without the right part?”

Getting parts fast can be a challenge, though. Farmers aren’t usually sitting at a desk, browsing online with high-speed Internet service. Many of A.S.A.P.’s customers access the site from rural locations, often with satellite Internet service. And they tend to be on the move, using phones and tablets instead of laptops. So A.S.A.P.’s experience needed to be quick and easy, and perfect on any screen. And customers needed to be able to see that, even when their connection is slow, they’re making progress toward solving their problem.

Taking advantage of Magento’s extensibility, Classy Llama’s first step was to create a customized parts-finder feature. The new solution is tailored to the way people search for tractor and combine parts: users can choose their product type first, then drill down to make, model, and category details. The developers also added a UI component to show a search is loading. That way, customers with slower Internet service can see they’re making headway instead of giving up and leaving the site.

All States Ag Parts

And, to make searching for parts from the field easier A.S.A.P. added Klevu’s AI-powered search technology for voice and text options, as well as improved accuracy and speed. Klevu’s backend also lets them review searches that don’t produce results so they can discover new parts to add to their catalog.

It was important to sustain the high SEO rankings A.S.A.P. had built up over the years, so the team had to strike a balance between improving the user experience and preserving the category-based navigation tied to organic search traffic. A major overhaul would have been devastating to their sales. Classy Llama helped make a plan to maintain the previous site architecture while making slow, progressive changes to avoid massive SEO hits.

To streamline shopping even more, A.S.A.P. customized MageDelight’s One Step Checkout so customers can edit their cart on the checkout page, saving clicks and time. This new feature, which placed all the necessary checkout steps on a single page, helped drive a lower abandoned cart rate and an increased conversion rate.

The A.S.A.P.’s site integrates with the company’s ERP, SAP Business One, providing a single source of truth for product descriptions, pricing, and stock quantity. It also integrates with Emarsys, A.S.A.P.’s email marketing solution. This connection allowed A.S.A.P. to evolve from email-blast campaigns to a nuanced segmentation strategy for reaching out to new customers, as well as customers who’ve left mid-browse or with items still in their carts.

Revenue Jumps and Farmers Take Note

Within the first month after the new ecommerce site launched, the company’s online revenue jumped by 37% and their conversion rate increased by 10%. Average order value went up by nearly 5%.

All States Ag Parts had budgeted for a 10% post-launch dip in organic traffic. But their careful SEO strategy paid off. After the new site launched, they actually saw a 21% increase in organic traffic from new customers and an 18% increase in overall organic customers.

All States Ag Parts

Success wasn’t only in the numbers. Customers appreciated the better experience and reached out directly to let the team know how much easier it was to find just the right part.

In addition to meeting the current needs of A.S.A.P.’s business, the new site has also set the company up for the future. The team built it with growth in mind, including the ability to support multiple sites and languages.

But one thing hasn’t changed — they always put farmers, and their livestock and crops, first.