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"Aladdin's Cave" of Retailers Saves Money and Time on Google Ads

The Emporium Direct cut its cost per sale in half with Google Shopping ads Channel extension in Magento.
Google Shopping Ads - Emporium Direct
-50% average cost of sale
-£125 per month buying Google ads
-2 hours per week managing
Google ads

Making treasure easier to find with Google Shopping Ads

Dubbed "Aladdin’s Cave" by customers because of the variety of treasures the English retailer offers, The Emporium Direct sells everything from furniture, housewares, and gifts to pet and garden products. Customers delight in frequently visiting both the High Street and online stores, knowing the inventory rotates daily, monthly, and seasonally. Although The Emporium Direct deliberately maintains an old-fashioned style, it’s firmly committed to using modern technology to boost its marketing and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Google Shopping Ads - Emporium Direct

In 2018, the family-run business upgraded its e-commerce website to be more mobile friendly, easier to navigate, and to offer a more streamlined purchase process to customers. They selected Magento as their new e-commerce platform to preserve the hard-earned SEO rankings they’d built up over 10 years. And as a family-run business focused on maximizing the value of their investment, they wanted to have full control of the implementation, customization and maintenance of their web store.

Rik Powell, E-commerce Manager for The Emporium Direct, was impressed when he found that Magento met his needs perfectly, with the platform’s open architecture, ease of implementation, customized options, wealth of turnkey extensions, and robust documentation.

Powell and his deputy manager, Thomas Gregory, designed and built the new website. Powell said, "The fact that it works for a small retailer like ourselves, large global online enterprises, and everyone in between proves what a useful and scalable platform it is."

Since using the Google Shopping ads Channel extension, we’ve cut our ads Cost of Sale by 50%.

Rik Powell
ecommerce Manager, The Emporium Direct

Best of both worlds: Smarter ad placement and decreased conversion costs

Like most online retailers, The Emporium Direct had tapped into the power of the Google advertising platform, but they found the process wasn't as straightforward or as affordable as they hoped. Setting up and monitoring ads could be time consuming. Data integration issues and third-party connectors with incomplete solutions made the process frustrating, and it was a challenge to develop effective campaigns that maximized exposure while minimizing costs.

Six months after the launch of the new website, when Adobe released the free Google Shopping ads Channel extension for Magento, The Emporium Direct jumped aboard without hesitation.

Google Shopping Ads - Emporium Direct

Using the Magento platform he is already familiar with, Powell can create Google Smart Shopping campaigns with a few clicks. He sets a daily budget for ad spend, which he can easily modify at any time. Using machine learning, Google automatically optimizes the campaign to make the most of the budget by selecting which products to advertise and which shoppers to target. Powell can adjust the automatic selections as needed.

The efficiency of the Google Smart Shopping campaign was immediately evident. "We were running Google shopping ads manually before Smart Shopping, and our ads cost of sale was around 15% — for every £10 sale, we pay Google £1.50," Powell said. "Since using the Google Shopping ads Channel extension, our cost of sale is around 8%. We've cut our ads COS by 50%."

Before using the Smart Shopping campaign, Powell said his company had been spending about £250 each month to run Google campaigns manually. Now, he spends £125 to achieve the same volume of sales.

Smart Shopping Campaign provides expertise, saves time

Small business owners are accustomed to wearing many hats, but trying to be experts in multiple areas can take time away from the core focus of running the business. With Google’s Smart Shopping campaign, Powell doesn’t need to pay for an advertising expert — or be one. Instead, Google Shopping ads Channel makes ad management simple with direct access to Google’s machine learning tools. As inventory changes in the e-commerce store, Magento stays in sync so he doesn’t advertise out-of-stock products.

Since adopting the extension, Powell and his team are saving about two hours per week by not having to sort and edit product feeds manually.

Google Shopping Ads - Emporium Direct

For do-it-yourselfers, the setup of the Google Shopping ads Channel extension was uncomplicated. "The user interface was mostly self-explanatory, and it was a case of following the steps," Powell said. If he encounters any product-related issues, Powell works directly through the Magento admin to identify and fix them.

One of the frustrations of running a small business is managing both the business growth and the underlying operations. The Google Shopping ads Channel extension removes that frustration for The Emporium Direct by making it easy to create a smart, effective, and efficient ad campaign.