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HÖGL creates unique customer experience for B2B and B2C

With the aid of unified commerce, the shoe manufacturer is offering B2B and B2C customers a made-to-measure customer experience from a single platform
HÖGL gelingt einzigartige Customer Experience für B2B und B2C
Omni-channel functions with Magento MSI
B2B portal for 3 brands, each covering around 20 countries
50,000 SKUs

HÖGL needs a powerful B2B and B2C platform for international sales

HÖGL has been producing high-quality, stylish women’s shoes for 85 years and is today one of the most popular ladies’ footwear brands in Europe. The company began its success story in 1935 when Josef Högl opened a craftsman's workshop to make shoes in Upper Austria, and it remains family-run to this day. The business combines authentic tradition with a successful internationalisation strategy. HÖGL has steadily expanded its presence in export markets such as Russia and China in recent years and is now represented in 40 countries. Over 3,000 specialist retail partners worldwide sell the company’s quality shoes, and it also operates 120 stores of its own.

HÖGL creates unique customer experience for B2B and B2C

HÖGL’s international business model means that its online shop must fulfil certain requirements: the solution must be usable worldwide and very flexible, and it must be possible to extend it at any time. In addition, it must offer various interfaces for the corresponding touchpoints via different channels. Together with the e-commerce agency TechDivision, which implemented the project, it was decided to develop a “unified commerce” platform for B2B and B2C. The B2B solution is aimed exclusively at retailers that sell HÖGL shoes in their shops or in a network of stores. The B2C platform targets end customers directly via a web shop.

With Magento Commerce, we have laid the foundations for a unified technological basis for all our e-commerce activities. The Magento Commerce solution makes it very easy for us to offer both our B2B and our B2C customers a highly personalised experience from one platform. That gives us a crucial competitive advantage.

Christian Kettl
Digital & E-Commerce Manager, HÖGL shoe fashion GmbH

Unified commerce enables unique customer experience in the B2B and B2C sector

HÖGL did not just want to use the new e-commerce solution to launch a B2B shop – it also wanted to use the technological basis it had created for the B2C sector and to display its other two brands, GANTER and HASSIA, as well as HÖGL. With its unified commerce model, Magento Commerce has exactly the right solution for implementing the ambitious project. Unified commerce allows the company to address both business customers and end consumers individually using one technology. For both target groups, B2B and B2C, HÖGL has focused on providing an unparalleled customer experience.

HÖGL creates unique customer experience for B2B and B2C

An “endless aisle” is being implemented as a special B2C feature, in which around 20 HÖGL stores will initially be involved. This functionality allows sales assistants in the shops to draw on the entire product range via a tablet during the sales pitch, and thus to make use of both B2C and B2B warehouses. If a store does not have a product in stock, the employee can order the item online for the customer. The product can either be delivered to the store or sent directly to the customer’s house after the customer has provided his/her address. To reach customers at every relevant touchpoint at an early stage, HÖGL is also focusing on a new Magento Commerce feature called Multi Source Inventory (MSI). This allows it to show the customer which products are in stock at the relevant contact point at all times.

In the B2B shop, too, the focus is on the user-friendliness of the Magento Commerce solution. HÖGL organises orders based on a matrix system, in which the different colours and sizes of products are clearly presented using a matrix. This means that orders can be placed very quickly and easily on one page.

The new Magento Commerce platform also takes into account the challenges presented by the complex processes and the heterogeneous system landscape at HÖGL. Using the middleware solution “Pacemaker” developed by TechDivision, HÖGL can model all existing processes itself at any time.

Equipped for future developments in Commerce

The project managers opted for a minimal viable product approach. This ensures that the functionalities required for operation will be available to begin with and that the time to market will be kept as short as possible. As a result, the new Magento Commerce shop went live very quickly and HÖGL was able to start using the platform as the basis for all of its e-commerce activities within a very short time.

HÖGL creates unique customer experience for B2B and B2C

The structure of the solution also enables maximum flexibility in future digitalisation measures. Those responsible have the best possible overview at all times of stock levels in both B2C and B2B warehouses. Furthermore, numerous out-of-the-box functionalities and comprehensive administration options allow all kinds of marketing campaigns to be implemented quickly and flexibly.