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How BAUHAUS Built a B2B Solution for Sweden

BAUHAUS chose to upgrade their B2B online operation to Adobe Commerce 2. Since 2015, online revenue has increased 296 percent, driven by a 376 percent increase in conversion rates.
Home Improvement Store - BAUHAUS
+100% Total Revenue Growth (YoY)
+80% B2B Growth Since Relaunch
+50% New Customer Accounts

The German home improvement company had grand ambitions.

The word BAUHAUS means “construction house” in German, and the company of the same name is a Swiss-headquartered European retail chain specializing in products for home improvement, gardening, tools and outdoor living. The first BAUHAUS store opened in Mannheim, Germany in 1960 and over the years, the business has grown to over 250 stores across Europe.

Sell Tools Online - BAUHAUS

BAUHAUS Sweden began their online journey in 2011 with Magento Open Source and has routinely upgraded to the latest and greatest technology Magento Commerce has to offer. BAUHAUS launched their first B2B site in Sweden in January 2015 as a “pet project.” It has since grown into the fastest growing BAUHAUS online store in all of Europe in 2017, offering more than 50,000 products, from gas grills to tool sheds, and bathroom fixtures to solar patio lighting.

As the business expanded, so did their vision of the role of eCommerce as a key business driver. In 2017, BAUHAUS chose to upgrade their B2B online operation to Magento Commerce 2.

A seamless B2B customer experience.

Together with Magento Global Elite Solution Partner, Vaimo, BAUHAUS began the process of design, development, and implementation of the B2B platform in August 2014. BAUHAUS has a keen focus on the unique needs of their business customers, and under the guidance of Vaimo, integrated Magento with their proprietary ERP system. This provided B2B capabilities including order management, credit, and account management, together with ‘click and collect,’ and a connection to their own in-house delivery service and delivery-trucks. They also implemented BankID, Sweden’s official electronic signing system. The new site also features engaging product content and how-to videos to help customers choose the right window treatments for their newly installed high efficiency windows, for example. In addition, product reviews and Q&As add credibility and help drive the purchase process.


B2B customers can now see the company's net prices on the product pages, as BAUHAUS’ SOAP/Rest APIs pulls data from their ERP system to deliver a seamless customer experience. Customers can create different construction projects with unique delivery addresses and set notifications when deliveries are shipped. Managers can view their full order history and determine which employees can order online, and how orders are billed – either prepaid or via invoice, on a project-by-project basis.

A total digital transformation.

With Magento Commerce and Vaimo, BAUHAUS has transformed their original “do-it-yourself” webstore into a fully-featured B2B eCommerce engine, capable of supporting their business today and into the future. During their peak season, BAUHAUS Sweden receives up to 115,000 sessions per day, which the site handles without any impact on performance or page load times.

Home Improvement Store - BAUHAUS

The impact on their business has been impressive. Since 2015, online revenue has increased 296 percent, driven by a 376 percent improvement in conversion rates, and a 205 percent increase in total transactions. Since the relaunch of the B2B site in 2017, manual processes have been reduced by over 80 percent. And new customer registrations have increased 50 percent with a corresponding growth in the B2B business of more than 80 percent.