How ASUS built a dream experience for gamers and resellers

The technology manufacturer wanted to build the perfect O2O and brand experience while also boosting reseller sales.
How ASUS built a dream experience for gamers and resellers
+56% growth in revenue (YOY)
+59% growth in transactions (YOY)
+32% web sessions since launch

Building the perfect eCommerce website for everyone

Since its start in 1989, ASUS has become a leading brand for gaming and consumer notebooks, making Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies list for five years. The company’s commitment to delivering the newest and most inspiring technology shines through its high-performance gaming line of computers and laptops: The Republic of Gamers (ROG) and is reflected in its offer for customers to design and customise their dream gaming computer.

ASUS customer story

Most of ASUS’ regional business in Singapore relied on their network of resellers based in retail stores. The brand wanted to improve communications between their local office and resellers to enable a more accurate, streamlined process to track product purchases and distribution. At the same time, ASUS sought to strengthen branding across the customer journey. Their website offered the best source of information for their products but didn’t enable online ordering. They wanted to introduce eCommerce to their website that continued to encourage reseller commitment while also adding direct-to-consumer sales, with a bespoke experience that resonated with their gaming community.

ASUS wanted a single platform for B2B and B2C eCommerce. Partnering with SmartOSC, they chose Magento Commerce 2 for its flexibility to deliver everything on their eCommerce wish list including a robust unified approach to B2C and B2B on a single site with a high level of customisation, while streamlining back-office processes. The strategy involved not just delivering eCommerce to clients but integrating offline-to-online (O2O) to streamline access to their rewards program while improving the tracking and revenue delivery for resellers.

The current ASUS website is the best place to explore our wide range of products. Adding the eCommerce site will deliver a more convenient and immediate shopping solution in addition to all our branded stores and authorised retailers. Hosting our own eCommerce site also aligns with our ongoing effort in providing our customers with a seamless O2O shopping experience and an attractive rewards program.

Emma Ou
Country Manager, ASUS Singapore

Delivering the dream for customers and resellers

As an innovative brand, simply adding online ordering for customers wasn’t enough. Instead, ASUS envisioned giving customers the ability to build their dream PC or laptop. SmartOSC developed an online tool for the new website where customers virtually assemble various components of their computer, place the order, and have the final product shipped directly to their door: something unprecedented in the Singapore region. Behind the scenes, SmartOSC integrated Magento Commerce 2 with ASUS’ centralised CRM and order management system to sync customer information along with order and shipping status across all channels. This ensures service and retail teams can access details about the customer orders wherever and whenever for a seamless experience.

ASUS customer story

For ASUS, adding B2B eCommerce offered the perfect opportunity to simplify their revenue distribution to resellers. They started by introducing a partner program that automatically makes payments received through the new site based on reseller product allocations. To enable this, SmartOSC integrated the resellers’ and distributors’ ERP system to Magento Commerce. Resellers are assigned an individual product or product line for fulfilling orders and then receive the appropriate percentage of the sales for their assigned category, facilitated by the PayPal Parallel Checkout extension, which automatically splits customer payments.

To further support the commercial market, an enterprise team provides support via telephone or email through the site. Businesses that are interested in utilising ASUS products can also ‘partner’ with the company for exclusive access to industry discounts and unique selling terms reserved for B2B and B2B2C transactions. To extend their online service to businesses looking to purchase ASUS products, SmartOSC built an employee purchase plan that offered promotions. The program incentivises local businesses to outfit themselves with ASUS products while providing greater access to discounts.

Taking revenue to the next level

Adding eCommerce to their local brand website drove impressive results across revenue and engagement. Since launching on Magento Commerce 2 in June 2019, ASUS saw a 56 per cent increase in PCs and Mobile revenue backed by a 59 per cent growth in PCs and Mobile transactions, compared to the previous year. Web sessions have jumped by more than 32 per cent, and page views have also improved by over one-third. Simplifying reseller revenue has developed the brand’s ability to track inventory and reduce accounting resources, while also fostering more meaningful ties between the resellers and the Singapore office. By centralising product ordering through the site, ASUS enhanced their ability to control the movement of products while also fostering closer relationships with their distribution channel.

ASUS customer story